May 30, 2014

A New World Rises - Vindictus Changes [NA]

"Welcome to the New Vindictus. Welcome to a world beyond."

Lots of changes in store for Vindictus  NA
The times they are a changin' in Vindictus
Directly from the desk of...Zoltar, Vindictus Community Manager, More Changes in store for Vindictus NA...

This is a big one. Zoltar has posted a message indicating seemingly drastic changes for our world. A post entitled "A New World Rises" was added to the forums.

It reads like a memo, describing things to come, touching on major aspects of the CHANGE but remaining as ominous as ever, the message did manage to include a semi-official statement on the significance of the "new logo".

Vindictus Changes Coming
Click to read Zoltars Message

It seems that we will be getting a "sexier and sleeker" Vindictus coming with the new forums (thank gawd) and that the ingame in experience will also be changing... 

Whoa...whoa...whoa...Personally, I'm not sure what exactly to think about that part. I'm all for "good" change, but watering down the game is not something I'm up for.  While that MIGHT not be what is being indicated, I can't help but think about all those constant complaints on the forums. As loud and comprehensive as some of those complaints are there is good reason to avoid listening to them.  In fact, caving in to the majority of those would be bad for business. Ironically, I wrote a spoof article on that a few months ago called "This Isn't the Game You Want".

Though Zoltar was rather ominous in the pronouncement of change, he did try to correlate the new logo to the change and describe how they felt it embraced the Celtic lore that resounds throughout Vindictus. This connection is a bit late and probably should have been delivered with the initial message to avoid the rollout reaction, but is appreciated none the less.  

I can say I most definitely am up for actually improving the game and player experience, both the little and big things without watering it down or catering to only one type of player. 

As someone who gets excited about any type of change from a business perspective, I'm especially intrigued as to what Nexon has in store for us and more importantly - how they handle the transition.  

Zoltars message can be read below and includes the following highlights.

Changes covered include:
  • New Logo/Rebranding
  • New Forums
In game Experience
  • Combat
  • Battle EXP
  • Character Selection Screen
  • Rebuild of the Monetization system...from the ground up

...I'm reserving my official judgement until we receive more about these changes "in print" and they become actualized. There is no sense in speculation right now but we'll be watching closely and providing some insight (and scrutiny) in the "Focus on Quality" segment.

Zoltars Avatar
Zoltars Avatar
Posted by Zoltar, Vindictus Community Manager - Nexon [NA] [2:26 PM PST]

As you may have noticed, Vindictus now sports a new logo, both on the Nexon Launcher and in-game. Astute players may have noticed that the logo, inspired by the same Celtic mythology Vindictus is based on, features the goddess Morrighan at its center. This attention to detail not only shows our appreciation for the game's lore, but the direction we are taking Vindictus in the future. We want the style, look and feel of Vindictus to match the brutal combat and dark world players have come to know and love.

To that end, we are improving the in-game experience in addition to the new logo, new art, and new brand image. From technical changes that will improve the combat and battle experience to a more streamlined character selection window, we're implementing changes that will improve your Vindictus experience across the board. We're also redesigning our game forums to provide you with a deeper, more immersive, and more enriching community experience. More details on forum changes will arrive later this summer.

In addition, we're rebuilding the monetization system from the ground-up. We hate the label "pay-to-win" and want to ensure that Vindictus is fun for all. This is a work in progress, and we’ll have more details for you on our new shop system in the coming months.
Though we know change can be scary, we believe that ultimately these adjustments will better reflect the true spirit of Vindictus.

Welcome to the new Vindictus. Welcome to a world beyond.
- The Vindictus Team

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