February 24, 2014

Vindictus: Resources and Fansites Guide

Update: February 13, 2016
In another absolutely dumbfounding move from Nexon executed by way of its most loathed VFM Aquasol - Nexon has decided that FANSITES are not a good addition to the "community" and have banned the mention of them on the forums (with the exception of the Vindictus Wiki which has historically provided zero valuable or accurate information since its inception). 
Feel Free to air your concerns to the Vindictus Management team email: community@nexon.net

If you know of a good Vindictus related website you can send it to me via email at trixologist@gmail.com. Even though I no longer maintain this site, I WILL make changes to the list. Please do not send guild sites or personal character/account specific pages or requests.

The Forge Dweller with Fergus, Known to Cause Destruction
Shayla - Vindictus NPC

Are you a new player, interested in the game or 
even a returning Vet? 

You may be at a loss for where to find information. I've put together some useful information, resources and awesome Fansites that you can use to get the low down on all things Vindictus.

Regionally Operated

DevCat created  Mabinogi Heroes (MH) as a physics based, free to play action MMO. Distributed worldwide by Nexon, Vindictus is the Western publication of the game in Europe and North America.

Most games do have IP blocks that prevent access from unauthorized regions.
Find the version that is best for you.
Tip: Let your browser translate for you.

Because the game is regionally managed around the world, we have the opportunity to receive updates and news directly from Korea (Home of DevCat our developer) and other regions.

Players can expect to have a 2-6 month delay for content, updates, patches and new items to make their way to our version. Other things will be region specific and not make their way to each branch.

Stay Connected

Stay up to date and in the know directly from the source!
Get connected with Vindictus NA:

    Informational Sites

    Having these resources at your fingertips will help you understand things and provide you with tools to make decisions. These two sites are the only official Fansites according to Nexon.

    VindictusDB  is a "complete database of everything in the brutally elegant world of Vindictus. Updated with every patch with individual, detailed pages along with advanced search and filtering options."

    Use the DB as a site for item descriptions, recipes, stats, set compilations and comparisons, scrolls - literally everything in the game.

    Vindictus Wiki Vindictus Wiki is an encyclopedia database that contains everything you need to know about Vindictus. You'll find anything from lore, to in-game items, skills, and expertise.

    Use the Wiki as a resource for how-to guides, details on things like break offs, enchant scroll info and much more.

    Premium FanSites

    These unofficial fansites help you take your Vindictus experience to the next level. Get involved, learn even more about the game. These sites are owned and operated by actual Vindictus players.***

    Vindictus Trix

    Bringing you the news on Vindictus that matters. Dedicated to saying what you can't say and showing you what others aren't. Vindictus Trix takes a look at Vindictus not only from a players perspective but also from a business perspective. Dedicated to helping it all make sense.

    Operated by: Trixologist/TrixiEEEE [East Server]

    Vindictus Manual (formerly known as Vindictus Armory)

    Unsure of how that new set will affect your build? Need a boost to your raw power? Want to compare weapons for your specific stats? The Vindictus Armory is your solution. The tools provided help you to customize your character build and adjust it to your play style. Enter your stats and level to get started today!
    Operated by: Shippuu [East Server]Published by: Ambition Guild [West Server]

    Find titles to add to your collection! Earn your stats by using the most comprehensive and accurate title list out there. Use this sync your titles, catch up on what you are missing or help your character reach the next color cliff!
    Operated by: Sanitee/Insanitee [West Server]

    Posting the latest Mabinogi Heroes KR updates, screenshots, videos and more the Sakura Farron Tumblr is a choice resource for staying up to date.
    Owned and Operated by: SakuraFarron [West Server]

    Vindictus Steam Group (NA)

    Steam players unite - Aussie, East and West, no matter your server you'll find a friend in this unofficial refuge. Stay up to date on all things Vindi and meet up with other players to add some pizzazz to your gaming experience.
    Operated by: Yookie/InTraining [West Server]

    Vindictus Cosplay Library

    This site holds a comprehensive collection of in-game cosplays from around the world. Check it out if you need inspiration or just want see if your favorite character has been brought to Vindi reality.
    Operated by: AresRage [East Server]

    Streamin' in the Cloud has never been so energetic as with Cloud0621. This Twitch stream is designed to make you have fun.  Clouds voice is as entertaining as your favorite DJ and he provides constant interactive commentary for your Vindictus gameplay.  Players are welcome to join Cloud on his year long stream-a-day journey. Drop by for any of the mini events including UnSober Sundays, 12 and 24 hour Stream-a-thons, and a few Mesh-Ups to see what all the excitement is about.
    Operated by: Cloud0621 [East Server]

    Watch as Seju tackles all of toughest bosses the game has to offer stopping only to help those who have fallen along the way. Ever the defender of injustice this stream will feature fun and fighting in raids - stats just don't matter.  Watch the Stream live if you are interested in the game or just want to watch another character tackle our favorite Fomors.
    Operated by: Seju/Dragonwar0 [East Server]

    World Wide Game Watchers

    This blog is maintained by afkalmighty and Akil Krishnan (LIB53). They promote foreign games and provide translations, and news coverage on the latest developments straight from KR.

    Lagerowonder Gameplay

    His YouTube channel showcases new content in Mabinogi Heroes [aka Vindictus] from an Average Joes perspective. Watching him get pummeled and learn from it, lets you know you're not the only one who feels insignificant when watching "the pros" play. Check out his YouTube channel for a first look at upcoming features and gameplay.


    Vindictus Snobs is not your typical Vindictus forum. It's a place for a discerning and serious players concerned with improving their effectiveness in the game to gather and strategize, while dissecting the nuts and bolts of the game. Deemed the hub of science, VSnobs is a place where these players can connect with each other to discuss game mechanics, gameplay techniques and gear choices while improving overall knowledge with calculations and experiments.
    Managed by various members of Vindictus community

    As you can see there are a lot of great resources out there. I have listed the main sites. There are tons of Tumblrs, YouTubes, GamePlay Streams and Guild Sites that have even more information.

    ***If you own/contribute to one of the sites listed and would like your description changed reply or email us and I'll gladly update.***

    *This post is cross on both forums (NA and EU) It may be updated as more tools become available from the Community and Nexon.

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