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Hello there!

My name is Kanzo, and on the Vindictus Forums, I go by KrazyKanzo.

I started playing Vindictus on November 3rd 2010, a day after Evie received the Battle Scythe as a weapon. Not very many people know this, but I actually picked Evie as my first character. One of my friends showed me a video of Scythe Evie game play. Seeing Evie snap her fingers, triggering the black explosion from her Mark of Death skill immediately got me hooked. During the character select screen, I saw that Scythe and quickly chose Evie without even questioning the other characters. I have no problem with gender locked games such as this, so that didn't even phase me.

I casually played Evie as my main for about 8 months. Then that fateful day came on June 14th 2011. That's right... Karok's release date!

Funny Fact: I played so casually on Evie that it took me 8 months to get to lvl 48. The Token System wouldn't have helped either, but I was never limited by it due to how much I didn't play. Nexon removed the Token System with Karok's release, so I was able to play more frequently and level up faster.

At that point, I considered trying out other characters. Also you received free stuff for leveling Karok so that helped in motivation as well. I tried every single character and when I got to play Karok, it was a match made in Erinn. To me, Karok by far was the most fun character to play and no one was going to convince me otherwise. 

Within a couple months I was already in the level 50's, practicing solo's and mastering Karok even more than I had. One day I was in a Hidden run and was helping some lower levels, teaching them how to fight that "big scary red spider" as they put it. Another Karok joined my party by the name of MenosGrande3. He was a higher level than me so I looked up to him. During those runs I was the teacher, but became the student when he joined.

After a few runs helping people, Menos asked me if I knew how to fight this boss by myself. I hesitated but with the most uncertainty, I said yes. We then ran the run 1 more time with just us two, and he watched as I solo'd Hidden. Luckily I did so with flying colors and Menos was amazed. He then asked if I wanted to join a guild. I felt honored to be able to join a group of people to play with in Vindictus, and Menos seemed like a really kool guy.

That was the day I joined Inner Sanctum. The guild leader TrixiEEEE, along with the rest of the admins and guild welcomed me as their new member and part of the I.S. family. I have been in this guild for over 3 years. With a few mishaps here and there, such as the Guild Revamp of  January 13th 2013, which disbanded all the guilds. During that time frame, I joined and was a part of the Crack House guild for a while, and joined back with I.S. after everything got situated again.

A lot of time has passed, and I am still here happily in I.S. After going through several different characters, several times, I stabilized around 2 characters. I have a dream where I have every character well equipped at least up to the 70's, so I can enjoy all the types of game play and opportunities possible in Vindictus.

As of now, these are the characters I have and the personalities I feel they would have, and the feeling behind their character when I made them.

Kanzo - East Server Karok


Karok is definitely my main character. I use both Pillar and Cestus, although I prefer Pillar. I made my Karok an extreme tank. With 12,000 - 15,000 defense, a greater succubus fang, and a natural ability to take hits like a man, he is an unstoppable force that will move an unmovable object. I made him this way because what I liked most about Karok, was the lack of fear I had playing him. No matter what the challenge was, or how scary and difficult the boss might have been for everyone else, I was always up for the fight.

I see my Karok as a leader figure and a protector of the weak. Fighting along side him will give strength to those who do not have the will to fight, and seeing him completely shutting down opponents with his colossal strength will bring courage to those in fear.

Kanso - East Server Kai


Kai is my first alt, but I would consider him my second main. I use both Bow and Cross Gun, although I prefer Bow. Kai was presented as an archer, but I wanted him to be equally as threatening in close range combat. While closing in on an archer may seem to be the smart thing to do, with an above average amount of defense, and an arsenal of lethal hand-to-hand combat skills, he can easily turn the tables when you thought you had the advantage.

I see my Kai as a tactical fighter. Using his surroundings along with information about the opponent, he will devise a series of traps and situations that will make anyone rethink their plan of attack. He is adept at finding his opponents weak points and exploiting them. He will never get himself into anything that he does not have a way out of.

Kanzz - East Server Hurk


Hurk is my second alt. Currently Hurk is only able to use one weapon, a Greatsword. Hurk was presented as a berserker type character, but I wanted to build him towards a more passive-aggressive style. With almost as much defense as my Karok, he is not a force to be reckoned with. While not being able to take hits like my Karok, he can retaliate in a much more hostile and painful way. He would prefer to stay away from the berserker stereotype, although there are times where it gets the better of him.

I see my Hurk as a strong warrior type person. Although he is self centered and doesn't work well with others. His ego often gets him in situations that cause him to get severely injured or worse, looking stupid. He is the kind of person who would start a bar fight, but only fight back if he himself was attacked. His main purpose for his monstrous strength is only for intimidation, so everyone will leave him alone.

These are the characters I have so far that are completed or close to completed. Like I said before I am eventually going to make all the characters. I have a Fiona and a Lynn in the works.

Sorry for the wall of text. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to email me, or contact me in game. The Character names are my IGNs.

If you just wanna hang out that's kool too.

See you all in the game mercenaries!

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