July 17, 2014

Sayonara Mailbox Glitch

That's right Mercernaries with the July update comes a lot of great things. But none of those is more pleasing to long term players as the news that Devcat has fixed the Mailbox glitch!  While this long awaited fix didn't make it into the official patch notes, the glitch is most definitely gone. 

The glitch began when Nexon made changes to Mailbox functionality to allow 5 items to be sent and received.  That functionality never fully worked. It has been a major pain point every since then for players in all regions.   Players were getting a Microsoft C++ Runtime Error causing a disconnection from the game.  Players eventually came up with workarounds for the issue by avoiding hovering over an items icon.  This led to an influx of scammers who seized the opportunity to take advantage of the limitations.  Though Nexon did add some new functionality to the mailing system it hasn't been fully functional since before its "upgrade".

...Until now!  Effective immediately, players will no longer will receive the Runtime error that has plagued us for almost a year and half.   Mail can now be hovered on and previewed prior to accepting into inventory.  Even though Nexon NA didn't exactly announce this,  we are extremely happy to have the fix.  

Now if we could just get an Auction House we'd be in business...Thank you!

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