June 18, 2014

Lynn Coming Next Week [NA]


Finally what you've all been waiting for. In response to the cries and pleads for information regarding Lynns release date, the Vindictus NA team has issued the following statement....
Lynn Reveal! [ Release Week ] by Zoltar, CM [NA]

Dear Vindictus players,
The North American release of Lynn is scheduled for release next week.
Why so late you ask? Why did other markets get it first?

"To answer these questions I need to go into a little bit of detail about how major content releases for Vindictus work. As you know our studio is based in Korea and content gets produced there and then localized for release in other markets. For an update like Lynn we will receive a build from the developers which will then be tested before release to try and ensure it is as bug free as possible.

In this instance the build came over pretty late and Nexon America took the decision to delay a week in order to adequately test it and to add some additional features that didn't make it into the patch. We could have rushed it out for the 18th but would have had no way of ensuring it was of the quality we are striving to reach.

To coincide with this timing shift we are extending the Golden Time Stamp redemption deadline by one week. Any players who purchase the Mandarin Lilac Avatar Package early will not be able to open it until Lynn is released.

We know you are all looking forward to Lynn and hope you don’t mind waiting an additional week so we can do our utmost to ensure you get the great gameplay experience you deserve.
Nexon America will be focusing more and more on quality going forward and if that means delaying a few releases to do things right that is what we will do.
Thank you for your patience.
The Vindictus team

We'll be reviewing this in relation to the Focus On Quality so stay tuned :)

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