July 16, 2014

Vindictus Opens Up a New AP Shop [NA Exclusive]

New Way to Spend Your AP

True end game players rejoice! Nexon America is opening up a new shop in Vindictus and its aimed directly at you.  The Vindictus Support team announced the new feature on their Twitch preview, and it is now live!

New AP Shop

The AP Shop will be housed in the Colhen Inn with Ernmass as its shopkeeper.  Players will be able to use their accumulated Ability Points (AP)  as currency for the NX items available for sale.  According the Vindictus Staff, the items in the shop will rotate throughout its beta phase.  Items will be available for purchase with AP for players starting at level 40.

The Shop will initially feature the following items such as (limited time) Enhancement Runes, Clodogh's Dye Ampoules (Empty), and Goddess Revival Feathers.

Currently AP is used for ranking skills, using second transformation, restoring destroyed equipment and for testing your luck with Videks Power Infusions. Because every battle in the game provides AP, introducing another way to use it is more than welcome for those at true end game with completed characters and no desire to blow things up.

What the Store means for you:

  1. Players will have a way to purchase limited NX items for zero monetary cost.
  2. Players with maxed AP and excessive AP capsules will have an additional way to spend AP.
  3. Market prices for Dyes will likely drop for a while (don't worry too much, Outfitter Dyes are on the way)

What you should know:

After getting to level 40 the AP Shop button will appear when talking to Ernmass in the Colhen Inn.

Current Merchandise:

  • Merc Recover Potion (100AP) - Limit 3 daily
  • Goddess Grace [Individual x1] (300AP) - Limit 1 daily
  • Goddess Grace [Party x3] (1000AP) - Limit 1 time weekly
  • Clodaghs Dye Ampoule (1000AP) - Limit 1 weekly (tradeable once filled)
  • Enhancement Rune (5000AP) - Limit 1 weekly (first 2 weeks only)

The AP Shop is currently an exclusive to Nexon NA's version of Vindictus  (Mabinogi Heroes does not have this store).   This was an intriguing surprise since development for Vindictus is done by DevCat in Korea and they generally receive all updates prior to NA.  We asked Ruin3d (Communications Director, Vindictus - Nexon NA) for more information and here's what he had to say:

"Most content is created for all markets but every now and then we get the Devs to build us a feature we specifically wanted.  This was a request our team came up with and they built it for us.   
Not sure if it will get released elsewhere or not."

It looks like Nexon NA has finally started to take a look into the game to make some things make sense for the NA region. We look forward to any other changes they may come up with.  The Beta Phase is expected to last until October, so stock up on your goodies while you can!

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