Vindictus Pipeline [NA]

Vindictus NA ~ Pipeline

Ever wonder what content/updates are out on the horizon for us?
This is a listing of  features, updates and patches that have been released in Korea [KR] and are pending in North America/Europe [EU/NA]

We also maintain a running list of major patch, event and content updates received, organized by month.

The list is updated regularly so check back often.

June Battle Report
Starring Zoltar

First ever Battle Report for Vindictus NA
______________________________________________________________________ Disclaimer:  This is a list of unreleased items that have been released in Korea.  Items released in KR do not necessarily get released in NA. 

NA Pipeline: [Released in KR, pending in NA]

  • Rejoin/respawn after dc 
  • In game story books with detailed, rereadable stories 
  • Character Backstories (Lann) 
  • Optimization: Memory 
  • Optimization: UI 
  • Additional Character Slots (up to 20, 6 standard - NA may not see this due to XE) 
  • Stamina consumption while running/charging removed 
  • Evie Fire Shock adjusted to account for changes in height / terrain 
  • Bracelets Added 
  • Level uncapped to 85 
  • Wilhelm Nipple - new area release 
  • Succubus Queen (lvl 80 4 man run) released: no Trans, no Revive, no feathers 
  • Bronze status artifact glitch fixed 
  • Multi Core Processing
  • Episode 9-10 Hero Raids
  • Added functionality to report a player using illegal programs
  • Sword Art Online game mesh event
  • Fairy Tale game mesh event
  • Revived Blood Lord (Wilham Nipple Area)
  •  Outfitter Dye Ampoules!!!!!!!
  • Anti-Alaising added to the equipment preview window
  • Host connection Preview icon (on the boat selection screen)
  • Report 10 players a day :)
  • New Marketplace category [household goods (function potion) - for all dye amps]
1 minute preview of Revived Blood Lord on the KR Test Server

*Bolded items indicate content or global updates to gameplay.

Released to KR Test Server:

Test Server Update 7/23
  • Arisha: New Character
  • Second row of Quickslots
  • More Multicore and UI Improvements
  • Fiona, Lann and Evie Skin Re-texture
  • Bug Fix: Transformation breaking SP gauge
  • Sort order changed for Expertise 
  • Server Mega Phones can be placed in shared storage


General Changes

These changes have been mentioned on the forums or elsewhere by official Nexon Staff or are constantly updated regionally.
  • DevNotes added to the Homepage - Per Zoltar 
  • Forum Revamp - per Ruin3d 
  • Forum Titles - Nexon Mgmt (various) 
  • Outfitter Shop (Keaghan, Iset, Sheriff, Devil Hunter, Biker, Fairy Tale, SAO others?) 
  • Inners 
  • Hair 
  • Optimization Patch (if it exists) 

Long Term Pipeline

These items have not been officially released in KR or on the Test Server. They have been mentioned or are logical progressions for the game.
  • Hurks second weapon 
  • Lynns second weapon 
  • Season 3 
  • Character Specific Back Stories (Evie, Fiona, Vella) 
  • Avatar Shop Makeup revamp 
  • Potential: 5 New Characters - Kiva, Dehlia, Hagie, Miul, Cradie (4/1/2014)
  • Arisha second weapon

History of Updates

This is a running list of the updates received in Vindictus NA
Typically as items are released from the top, they will be moved here. January 2014
  • Character Revamp Pt 1- Fiona, Evie Vella
  • Arena
  • Season 1 revamp
  • Introduction of PVP Juggling/Stamina drain
  • Removal of Artifact Tradeability
  • Season 2 Gold Reduction
    February 2014
    • Charles Expedition 
    • PVP Arena (1:1 Duels 2.0), juggling in PVP 
    • Outfitter Shop (Venetian Outfitter) 
    • Outfitter Available (Racer, Forsythia, Police Force)
      March 2014
      • Character Revamp Pt 2 - Lann, Kai, Vella, Fiona
      • Ferry Rocheste / Malina
        April 2014
        • Outfitter - Prime Wild Rock/Prime Gothic Frill 
        • Prime Bunny Ears
        May 2014
        • New Logo introduced 5/16 
        • Golden Time Event kicks off 
        • Pillar Karok Revamp 
        • Removal of Jump 
        • S2: Revamp (due to removal of jump) 
        • Removal Stamina consumed while running
        • S1: Hero Mode Raids 
        • Shared Account Chest [NX Storage] 
        • Changed all S2 - Storyline now starts at lvl 50-69 
        • Removed dungeon capabilities for 8-29, 30-49 
        • Lower level item changes
        • Halo Distribution - per Ruin3d (Shiny received per event - Distributed in Monster Bingo Event) 
        • Outfitter Shop (Flamenco, Matador)
        June 2014
        • Golden Time Event Completion
        • New character "Lynn", related accessories, weapons, gear, Outfitters (Lotus, DB)and Inners.
        • New Landing Page (Community Revamp) - See it here "The New Vindictus"
        • New Battle Report (Community Video Update)
        • Honorbound, Fathers Day, Returning Veteran Events
        • Ninja (Nx) and ForgeMaster (Free) Outfitters
        July 2014

        • Panda Chieftain Pet
        • Vintage Outfitters Re-released (Heavenly Goddess, Dark Angel, Wedding, Old World)
        • Season 2 Episode 4 (Pt 1) No Gods, No Kings (Ulchas and Lavasat)
        • AP Shop Release
        • Ping Meter (Released within a week of the KR Release)
        • Wildman and Jungle Heat Inners
        • Biker Outfitters
        • Season 2 50-80 drops added to the Seal Shop (TWD)

        Stay Tuned - This post is updated regularly

        Last Update: July 10, 2014


        1. Trix-o, what is this "S2 (60-70) battle drops added to Seal Shop"?

          are 'battle drops' raid drops? non-raid drops? and what is 60-70? is that Korean for 50-69?

          I want to know if this is the much anticipated krak feng in the seal shop update or the somewhat less anticipated TD mats in the seal shop update..


          Love the page, btw!

        2. Do you know what happen to Zoltar!!


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