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Some of you may know me from the NA forums as the dubious and dastardly HardcoreHolly. 

                           I'm a former:

v  Staff Evie (Pre-Revamp)
v  Scythe Evie (As soon as I could hit level 24 and get rid of my staff :o)
v  Sword Fiona (Pre/Post Ignition)
v  Hammer Fiona (Post Ignition)
v  Sword Vella (Pre-2013 Buff)
v  Chain Vella 

I consider my longest main, my Vella. I'm a big fan of mechanics that shy away from the typical "tank and spank" or just mindless clicking to achieve your goals. Crosscut was everything I wanted when I played Small Shield Fiona way back when. With Crosscut you could counter both normal hits and smashes while small shield was only capable of countering normal attacks (which raid bosses rarely performed). 

I'll also be giving you my insight on the newest Crimson Mercenary, Lynn.

Hollywood Boulevard 

A collection of the thoughts and expressions of Hardcore Holly.

Lynn is the newest addition to the Mercenaries and a saucy little thing. I'll be giving you my insight on the newest Crimson Mercenary, Lynn. 

An overview of Lynns' most fascinating skills and rotations along with some helpful videos.  << Read More >>

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