June 11, 2014

[EU] Teaser - DevNotes about Lynn

Lynn Teaser - Dev NotesNexon EU Provided a teaser for Lynn with updated notes from DevCat.

Dear Mercenaries,

Today, I am going to introduce you to a new character, Lynn.

Lynn is a character who uses Battle Glaives that are longer than her. She uses a spear to attack enemies, and is a fun and energetic character joining the Vindictus Family in June 2014.

Vindictus EU Dev Notes

Lynn's Skills

Swift Assassin

Swift Assassin is a core skill that we planned from the very beginning.

Lynn can trigger Swift Assassin with additional smash hits, and explodes with [Five Finger Death].
We have improved this skill as a core of the battle, and more will follow.

Zen Swift Assassin

Zen Swift Assassin a skill for more intense play. It might be a little bit harder than normal skills, but when you get used to it, you will have more fun while playing Lynn. 

Wow the sparks fly when Lynn joins the party!
Flies like a butterfly and stings like a bee. 

Little Rat

We developed this skill while considering how to use [Little Rat] to dodge an enemy's attack.
With this skill, you can accumulate Swift Assassin until a dangerous moment and dodge backward to prepare for the next attack.

Killer Dart

Killer Dart is a skill that enables Lynn to dodge an attack and approach the enemy rapidly.
You can accumulate energy while moving, and it enables you to accumulate Swift Assassin rapidly after approaching the enemy.

Lynn DevNotes

Wind Step

When you use Little Rat and Killer Dart, you will get [Wind Step] and [Furious Tiger].
Wind Step is a Dodge Skill that takes you behind the enemy. It can be used for dodging and attacking.

Furious Tiger

Furious Tiger enables you to accumulate one more Swift Assassin at the next smash hit.

Lynn plays Roller Derby with Season 1 Boss -Thor
Lynn plays Roller Derby with Season 1 Boss -Thor

Jade Fox

Use fancy active skills in a row with Jade Fox

We made Lynn’s active skills pretty different from other characters.
[Jade Fox] enables Lynn to use various active skills in a row.

The core of Jade Fox is using active skills depending on the circumstance.
You might be fascinated by Lynn’s ability to use multiple fancy skills in a row.

Lynn and Blood Lord
Who strikes hard, faster? Lynn or Blood Lord?

We have spent a lot of time developing Lynn.

Her Character

Lynn is a bright-eyed girl with a small nose and charming lips.
This is simply the basic appearance of a beautiful lady, but you can customize
her appearance.
You can make your own Lynn.

Below I will tell you about the
3 looks of Lynn.

First version: "Be cute!"

Choose a cute girl with eye liner and light pink lipstick!
Plus, with the free wave hairstyle, cap, short pants, and hammer,
she can apply for a part-time job with Ferghus! Hahaha.

The younger Version of Lynn "Cute"
Isn't She Cute?

Second version: "Be wholesome!"

Choose a wholesome-looking girl with no makeup and long pigtails.
Enjoy Yoga under the sun on your way to Rocheste!
I bet Lann and Hurk will be looking!

Adolescent Lynn - the Zen Yoga Guru
Zen Lynn

Third version: "Be mature!"

Choose a mature girl with smoky eyes and nude lips.
When you apply the Goddess avatar and short shaggy cut, she will be the perfect girl for Heavenly Goddess Earrings.

Mature Lynn...mature
Older, more mature and sleek Lynn

As mentioned above, you turn Lynn into a different person depending on customization.

We hope you've enjoyed the developer's notes about Lynn and that you will enjoy it even more to play with her from June 18, 2014.

Best regards
Vindictus Europe Team
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