February 13, 2014

Meet Your New CEO, Owen Mahoney

Re/code Nexon Names New CEO Owen Mahoney
Owen Mahoney, CEO Nexon
This just in Re/code is reporting that Nexon has promoted Owen Mahoney to the helm as  CEO (Chief Executive Officer and President). The change is set  to take effect given shareholder approval at the March 25th meeting.

Owen Mahoney is currently the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrator. He has been with Nexon since 2010 after leaving EA where he was the head of Mergers and Acquisitions and Business Development.  A major achievement for Mahoney was ushering Nexon through its 1.2B IPO on the Tokyo Stock Exchange back in 2011.

But wait there is great news. Mahoney is indeed an American.  Originally from California, he will be the first American to lead the company.  His vision for the future seems to include a passport back to his roots where he intends to extend and solidify the companies holdings.
"I and we believe that there is a huge market opportunity in the West," Mahoney said. "And the industry is moving in our direction, which is online, synchronous free-to-play games."

I definitely dig the fact that he's an American and wants to see Nexon do better here. Hopefully this will be the much needed change we've been desiring.  As our previous CFO, he already has an understanding of the company, where we are - what works and what doesn't to make the game profitable. Hopefully his desire will translate into support and guidance for NA.

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