Dear Mercenaries,

As you may recall, I have promised a third batch of your questions.

It took me quite a while to reply to your questions, but the time has finally come to deliver what has been promised, enjoy .

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1. Could you make a photo of the staff? It would be nice to know more you all :v
We proudly present you a picture of the Vindictus Europe Staff!
....The real staff is actually quite shy

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2. What can the staff actually do? Can Nexon create new events/choose when hold them and their rewards?
The staff is able to design offline events, including rewards, and sometimes we request in-game events to be developed by the Devs. For example, the storyline including rewards and effects for the "Dew's Farewell Event" was completely created by the staff and then brought to life by DevCAT. However, before you jump to conclusions, all events - whether held off- or online - have to be discussed with the developers and can only be realized once mutually agreed upon.

Some events simply exceed the feasibility that can be realized by either publisher or developer. That being said, I hope you understand that we do our best to meet your expectations and take in as many of your ideas from the forums as possible.

Quote Originally Posted by R0JS
3. How long does it usually take to test new content on your internal test server before patching it to live server?
We are not necessarily testing everything ourselves, as we have a third party within the Nexon Group doing this on our behalf. They are trained to provide the Quality Assurance (QA) accordingly to the information handed out by Devs and the Publisher. Nonetheless, some things are not considered and only appear when evaluated by several thousand players. Of course, not all possibilities can be accounted for and this is where the players' creativity kicks in, discovering previously unaccounted for bugs and/or exploits.

Looking back over the past 2 years, I must say that the testing and organization have gotten much better. The GMs have access to the test client and are helping in the QA process whenever a new update is due to be released. As this is not their main objective, it is impossible for them to test everything thoroughly. Addtionally, due to the workload that comes with creating new content, the Devs are not able to approach all open bugs that are reported. They are generally categorized by importance and severity and, depending on whether the issue occurs on one or all of the servers (regions), it may be categorized differently, in accordance with it's overall impact on the service.

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4. Are we going to see Fansite events in this century?
Unfortunately, we have only had 1 event so far, which was "merely" a quiz. Running fansite events on a legally bound corporate website is not that simple. We had a couple of really cool event ideas, such as a regularly held tournament based on the Project Mayhem Tournament but, unfortunately, it was not deemed feasible and had to be dropped.

We are still considering running events with fansites in the future, however. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us directly or post them in the forum. We are constantly browsing the forum for your feedback and ideas, doing our best to implement those event suggestions when possible.

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5. When you're going to tell us your decision about Premiere server? It has been a while since you created that poll and it is still there...
The poll was re-done and so far the status is that most users voted for the XE version. We are still in discussion with developers (including your feedback, of course) to try and find a mutual agreement. We will update you as soon as there are news but for now we will stick with the XE version.

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6. Any news about Vindictus Steam release?
There are currently no active plans to bring Vindictus to the Steam platform in near future. The plans that we had before were postponed several times due to other games' releases and then dropped for the time beeing. We do not give up on that goal, but we can't make any promises at the moment.

Quote Originally Posted by z1n3kbulu
7. In the previous interview, you stated that one of the reasons behind the delay was because the developers' answers had to be translated from Korean to English. Does it mean that all communications between you two have to be translated before going through?
The basic communication is in English. But files such as the interview and some others are provided in Korean and need to be translated first.

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8. Why is the chat filter so harsh? You can't even say fifty because 'fif' is gay in French or something. In a game where female upper assets are flopping about all over the place, this seems fairly ridiculous.
We have experienced this issue in a couple of our games. Apparently, the main issue is not the list itself, but rather the algorithm that checks the language used in-game. It basically detects a "sub-string" so to speak, instead of a 1:1 match of the word. In the case of "fif" and "fifty" the filter kills every word that has "fif" at the beginning.

We will discuss this matter with the Devs, though it might take a longer while before the matter is attended to.

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9. Can you guys, the Game Masters, see or read in the game's logs any private conversation (guild chat, whisper) that happen between players?
Big Brother Bel is watching you!

Quote Originally Posted by Yukania
10. Do you like strawberries?
Funny story, I have a sort of love/hate relationship with strawberries. I love to eat them, but when I was 18, I had to pickup strawberries for my father's bakery and had a really severe accident... and guess what? I nearly died in a strawberry field Would have been quite tragic, don't you think?

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11. Can't you finally tell us Dew's gender?
Dew's gender is: "tomboy" .

Quote Originally Posted by Yukania
12. Was Karok your first character?

Quote Originally Posted by Yukania
13. If not, what did you played from beginning?
A Fiona. Love the gameplay. Also, I love to hide behind a wall of iron. :-)

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14. Which country do you come from (weil du ja auch deutsch reden und schreiben kannst)?
German/South African with a mix of everything (literally).

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15. Did you go to a University?
Yes, and I studied Japanese, English, and Computer Linguistics. But my Japanese is rusty and my English grammar is terrible... So what can we learn from this, kids? Don't study! Learn how to play games! ^_^

Quote Originally Posted by NyanKirtrazu
16. Vampire bride set again? Cash item dye? All the cool outfits and inners from JP and KR?
The Vampire sets have been on sale just recently. Yes, most of them will come to our service with a delay, but they will be available. The exceptions being those avatar sets that require prior licenseship acquisition, such as the Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) ones.

Quote Originally Posted by Xubar
17. Why don't you provide the complete patch notes? You don't have to translate them to german if you don't have the time.
Well, unlike the US service, we are mostly using a different approach by providing the Developer's Notes, which do cover the major content updates. Additionally, we are trying to provide as much information about new updates as possible. Personally speaking, I think that the updates and patch notes in the past months have become better and we intend to continue on with the improvements.
Quote Originally Posted by Xubar
18. An honest answer please: Is Vindictus EU running out of players or in more common words dying? I am asking because I experienced already once in the past at another game GMs trying hard on forum events to keep the remaining players playing like you did the last few months while nothing happend ingame.About one year later the community manager admitted that not a single developer is working on the game since the last update. (?) I agree it is not exactly the same situation here, but nonetheless we had a lot of "post something at forum" events the last months and the significantly decreased amount of players in ch1 indicates a shrinking playerbase (and there are other signs too). So I want to know whether Vindictus EU is still running economically viable or whether it is already in danger to be shut down soon.
Speaking from personal experience, I can at least agree with your perception of less people being in the game. But this strongly depends on the season, content updates, and other factors. If another game is released that targets the same user group, players tend to check out the other game, but they do return for the bigger updates.

There are plenty of Devs working on Vindictus' content for the future. We already have a roadmap for a rough outline until Q3 of 2015; there is plenty of in-game content to arrive.

We are currently also providing the Devs with some ideas to target one of the key factors of the game that players like: the storyline. While it surely is a nice to have the storyline supported by cut-scenes and other additions that build up the atmosphere, I guess most players will be content to simply follow a well-narrated storyline that is merely supported by NPC dialogues and maybe a few items that you can collect and deliver.

We are aware of the situation and Vindictus is far from the shut down status. Our focus is on attracting more users to the game to make the game's concept more beneficial to both the community and the publisher.

Quote Originally Posted by MILWAUKEExx
19. Can you give us a status update on the French client, for which you were "hiring" people over a year ago?
Unfortunately, this plan has been dropped. We also discussed offering a tool for fan translations, but we had to drop that one as well due to the workload of the Devs, who are currently busy until 2015 with creating new content and character(s).

Quote Originally Posted by Temerer
20. Do you ever plan to update that hideous abomination you call your website? Despite not being updated in crucial departments (missing vella character info) non working links, and looking like lady gaga puked on it. This is a turn off for new players coming to learn more about the game.
Yes, we know. We would love to change the design of our website to a more current, modern version. Unfortunately, our team that is responsible for this task has been busy in the past with tasks that were related to new projects, namely launching Lost Saga and United Eleven. As soon as the opportunity comes up, we will do our best to update the information and freshen up the website's design, but this will most likely not happen before 2015.

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21. Why can we only ask you Bel not all GM´s >;?
We will see if the other GMs would like to be available for the Q&A as well .

Quote Originally Posted by Mooncatx
22. What things do you like at the most on this game?
As cheesy as it may sound, I really like this community. Many different characters and even the ones that are more difficult to handle are entertaining to a certain extent . I played many "similar" games in the past, such as the Prince of Persia series, Batman series, and other action-based combat games. It is quite sad to see that there are still so many new "point & click" and "tab targeting" games being released. Not a big fan of those.

I am also really fond of the introduction of the boss monsters in this game. I would love to see more traps like in Season 1, as they were ridiculously funny and entertaining when I started to play the game. Hitting the switch to see your whole party die or cutting down the bridge... classic! Never gets old.

Oh and, not being a chauvinist, I am a fan of the 'jiggly' physics effects in the game. Which guy hasn't turned the camera, zoomed in and repeatedly pressed the "S" button ?

Quote Originally Posted by niki212
23. Why isn't there a cooperation between very skilled players and the game administrators (why don't you let few good players help you test the content before it is out)?
We did discuss this matter with the developers, however their idea of a publicly-available test server was limited only to the Asian region.

Quote Originally Posted by niki212
24. Why don't you guys shorten your names to just three letters?
Like Bel? Zya? Iza? What about you then? Nik? Because in my case, for example, Belsazar has a meaning, so Bel, Bels, Belz, and Belly are more like nicknames that users have given me, in the nature of internet language. And I do use Bel sometimes, if my reply is meant to be more casual. Official statements usually end with Belsazar.

Quote Originally Posted by niki212
25. Will we see some of the GeMs recording their own solo?
You may ask them in the forum, and if they would like to, they will. They are quite busy with replying to all customer related issues as well as maintaining the game to keep it free from frauds and goldsellers. It is a very time consuming job.

Quote Originally Posted by BlueRox
26. Are you guys planning on Vindictus merchandise anytime soon?
No, there are no plans for this.

Quote Originally Posted by ImmortalTeknik
27. How much time a day you guys spend playing on your normal accounts, in average?
By "you guys", I guess you mean the GMs and myself? I can't give an exact number for them, but I would say that they spend their time regularly in the game, as it was the main reason to join in the first place. They were and are, after all, dedicated Vindictus players who wanted to help other users.

For me, I started to play in the Closed Beta and joined Nexon Europe in early 2012. I am one of the few guys who has been able to stick with the game, for which I joined in the first place.

Quote Originally Posted by ImmortalTeknik
28. Are your normal accounts in any guild, at the moment? (Futile to request, but could you name which ones, if yes?)
They are not in a guild anymore, but I was a part of a guild before and I enjoyed it a lot. When I joined Nexon, I could not spend as much time in the game, and therefore I left the guild.

Quote Originally Posted by ShadowFog1
29. Just a (useless) question; Why the gm in game are like truffle? You don't find them when you need, and you find them when you don't need XD?
That is actually pretty much the same situation in all free-to-play games. It is a philosophical question, much alike the "if a tree falls in the forest and there is nobody around, will it make a noise?" .

Quote Originally Posted by SirRFI
30. We used to be about 3 months behind Korea in updates, but recently it has increased to half an year disadvantage. Is there a reason behind this?
I believe players would like to see updates coming up faster - every month an actual content update, rather than just bunch events and nothing besides that.
We need time to translate the content coming in and, as you may have noticed, our portfolio has grown a lot since we launched Vindictus. Nexon currently publishes 8 games, and this creates more work for our localization team as well as for other departments.

As things stand now, we are prepared to release one update per month for the next couple of months and are doing our best to adjust to your feedback without creating a big gap between the content updates.

Quote Originally Posted by SirRFI
31. When we can expect dyeable avatar items in Vindictus Europe? And how it's going to look like? Buy already with colours of choice, dyeable via ampoules or possibility to change colours at any time using other method?
We are still waiting for this feature and are optimistic to see it's implementation still within this year, 2014.

We hope these answers shed some more light onto our work, personality, perhaps have cleared some concerns.

- Vindictus Europe