May 20, 2014

Nexon Reveals New Vindictus Logo

Change is in the air over at Vindictus [NA]

New Logo as revealed Friday

Friday, Nexons North American action title, Vindictus unveiled a new logo that sent shockwaves through its playerbase. Players were led on a scavenger hunt spanning several hours of hunting for clues revealed on Facebook, Twitter and the NA Forums.

 The effort was led by Zoltar - Community Manager [NA], feeding the clues directing the crowd to put together the puzzle. Piece by piece the tension built, excitement boiled and players were intrigued as they attempted to "Unravel the Mystery".

Once the final piece was in place, my fellow Vindiers processed the news...
Vindictus is getting a new logo. 

The reaction from the player base was less than enthused. Players found themselves instantly loving it or absolutely hating it and of course a few were indifferent. They flooded the forums with posts to state exactly what they were thinking. An alarming number of posts were pleading with Nexon to reconsider. Within hours the news spread across the shore to EU with several players creating their own versions of the "switchblade" as it was nicknamed.

A previously unknown endearment towards the old logo surfaced. Thoughts of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" spurred on the crowd. This continued throughout the weekend with future designers, artists and business professionals expressing their own discontent with everything from the white space and pirate theme to the lack of a comprehensive formal rollout to the playerbase.

The logo features the classic themes of good versus evil and promotes some of the most treacherous bosses and lore. As announced during their Q1 Financial review earlier this month, Nexon is planning to refocus on quality. The new logo seems to be a part of the plan introduced by Nexon to reenergize its workforce, shareholders and customer base. Today Nexon America updated their Vindictus website and forums with the finalized new logo. Over the next few months they will also be upgrading their forums at which time rebranding will be more apparent. Additional changes along with greatly anticipated new content have also been teased for the game.

The change also brings about a few questions regarding the franchise such as "when will we see it in game?", "will the EU and China versions be changing as well?", "will we have fractured global branding", "does this mean a change to the rather limiting publishing rights for the contract with Korea?" "will there be changes across all MMO sites?" and of course "can we get a copy?"

Big things are happening over at Vindictus, stay tuned for more info. At the time of print, Nexon EU and other branches had not confirmed intentions change pursue rebranding nor have they stated any plans outside of previously communicated happenings.

Play Vindictus today and stay in touch on the Vindictus Forums.
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