June 1, 2014

Review: May Content Release 2014

May was a busy month for Vindictus. Lets take a glimpse back at each of the  major changes that took place across both NA and EU regions.

May 2014 | Vindictus NA [EU]

May Content Review 2014 May Changes and Updates:

  • New Logo Introduced 5/16
  • Golden Time Event Kicks Off
  • Karok Clash 
  • Pillar Karok Revamp 
  • Changes for Season 2
  • Changes to Gold Rewards
  • S1: Hero Mode Raids 
  • Shared Account Chest [NX Storage] 
  • Lower level item changes 
  • Shouts Have Been Changed
  • Enchant Scrolls
  • Outfitter Shop Update
  • Ruin3d Delivers on Halos!


    New Logo Introduced 5/16

    New Vindictus Logo On May 16th Vindictus shocked the entire player base with new logo. This unveiling was done in piecemeal fashion leaving several confused as to why we needed a new logo, much less this one. The next week after the unveiling the logo was presented, a better clean version appeared along with the label “Vindictus”. 

    Unfortunately, it was added to existing forums, which remained branded with the old gold and brown tones. The gold clashed horribly with the new platinum and made looking at it an eyesore. The logo does offer a slicker look than what was originally presented because it was accompanied by a new background and the sexy label. Doing this offered some hope that this might just work.

    Nexon officials took to the forums to remind folks that the new logo would again be improved once added to the new forums which should appear in June. During the 1.92 patch the logo was added to both the game, Nexon Launcher, One can’t help but think that a comprehensive rollout would have been better. We look forward to the completed branding package set to appear with the forum revamp. Additional questions remain regarding whether or not this is specific for our version of Vindictus or if the new brand will be rolled out to each regional publisher. Read more here

    Mega Events Kick Off

    These two Events are fairly similar with both offering prizes for attendance. The prizes are spectacular however the events themselves caused quite a bit of confusion among the players.  From confusing instructions to failed award delivery and 2 major miscommunications this just leaves us shaking our heads asking what in the world is Nexon doing.
    Golden Time Events

    While the events are great on the outside offering some of the best gifts such as runes, outfitters and halos, Nexons service was a direct deterrent from enjoying them.  It will be nice when we won't be able to say this. Some mistakes are fine but its getting a bit hard to defend constant oversights.  However I will say, keep bringing events like this. They are great ways to entice players to come back and stick around a bit.

    Pillar Karok Revamp

    Pillar Karok Revamp

    Karoks rejoice. Pillar Karok got a much needed boost to his ego this month. From new skills to revamped ones, unlimited pillar toss and extended damage for clashing, Karoks everywhere are pumping their fists like never before. Results are in and this revamp is a win!

    Check out the in-depth review by Kanzo. (Review: Pillar Karok Revamp

    Removal of Jump

    Kai - Gale Kick
    Kai - Gale Kick
    Since its introduction with Season 2, jump has been a broken but somewhat useful mechanic in the game. Some loved it, some hated it, no matter which side you were on it doesn’t matter because jump is now gone!

    DevCat removed jump basically stating that they found it more beneficial to proceed without it than to retrofit it properly into Season One and correct its improper clunky implementation.

    Of course the gamers raged about this.  Some characters did in fact benefit from "jumping" more than others and there is no denying that jump made Season 2 "fun".   for several days about this but were soon diverted to other things.

    Jumping is gone
    Jump No More
    Community Managers stated that feedback might be taken into consideration on whether or not to keep this removal active in our servers.

    Changes for Season 2 

    S2: Revamp (due to removal of jump)

    Because jump was removed each boss within Season 2 that utilized jumpable attacks were revamped. All areas in which jump was required to “play” or proceed have also been revamped including adding ramps or refashioning areas to be a bit more similar to Season One in terms of getting around. Technically speaking Season 2 runs such as Misty and Ship Graveyard should be easier to navigate, while Twilight Desert will probably become more tedious because with as vast of an area as it is, strife jumping was a godsend.

    Removed Dungeon Capabilities for S2 8-29, 30-49

    Another big decision with this patch was the removal of dungeon and raiding capabilities for the lower level characters. Runs in the Season two area now start at level 50. This means the removal of the 8-29 runs and the 30-49 runs for all of Season two areas.  This change does not affect Season 1 runs as they are set up differently.

    No more season 2 for newbies
    Stay in Season 1 Newbies, its better for you here
    We suspect this change was due to the bots and the ability to obtain both AP and a high amount of EXP by bumrushing through the low level runs. This also created a sort of density in the higher level runs when people chose to do low level runs. This change will likely affect drop rates in a positive manner. With people having no option but to attend the higher level runs boats will be available, filled and producing more for the community.

    Overall I think this was a positive change, even if it means a little more work to obtain those Seals of Dedication.

    S2 - Storyline Now Starts at Level 50-69

    Due to the other changes, the whole storyline has been revamped. Season 2 now starts up at level 50-69. This is a change from starting at level 20.  This is a reorganization that needed to happen to make the game a bit more fluid especially with the previously mentioned changes.  This now provides a direct way to make EXP without really having grind anything until after level 70.

    Removal of Gold for Lower Levels

    The lower levels were not exempt from major adjustments this month.  Nexon has decided to remove the Gold reward from all characters under level 20 for all runs. This move was described as a bot reduction tactic. It is sure to cause quite a bit of confusion among both new and old players who assume it is a glitch (and those that don't read patch notes :)) 

    Unfortunately there isn't really an upside to this. Nexon has gone ahead and changed some items levels to accommodate storyline changes and has also moved several items to either drop from runs or be available from the NPC...in Malina...Malina the area you don't really get into now until after 50. The equipment items are now free which means that they are no longer money making items.  This part I don't like. They've taken away another means for the average player to generate gold because of bots and that sort of sucks.  

    Another thing to note is skills are free up to level 20. Rank and learn as many skills as you can before you hit 20...after that it goes back to normal, having a fee associated with learning it. The AP costs have not changed. Training items now expire at level 20 rather than maintaining the ability to carry them into runs later in game. 

    We'll see how this goes long term. I like the idea of crippling bots and making things "better" for the player base but I don't like the idea of having ill prepared players in end game.

    S1: Hero Mode Raids

    Hero mode raids were released! This includes hero mode versions of:
    Glas Hero Makes his prescence known
    • The Giant -Titan
    • Ahglan the Golem - Ahglan
    • The Dark Dank Sewers - Thor
    • Avatar of Destruction - Glas Ghiabhelann
    • The Central Garden - Ingkells
    • The Formorian Leader - Shakarr
    The new raids drop 3 and 4 star versions of their respective equipment drops. While normally this would be a great thing, I see it as another blow to those with Expertise and the ability to craft these things already.  Runs like Titan dropped equipment that couldn't be crafted so this upgrade would be great for things like Broken Feather earrings and Dark Crest Helms and White Shark Masks. But for runs like Thor his equipment dropping is a direct hit to the crafters gold source again.  

    Additionally, the raids just aren't that hard. Our crew crushed all of them with the exception of Glas which we expected to be harder than he was.  These raids will be a good time killer for those that like Season 1 mechanics better than Season 2 and like the oldies.  On a side note: Shakarr is a beast but interestingly fun for a hero solo.  It does feels like the communities DPS  has outgrown our Season 1 bosses.  We're looking forward to seeing difficult bosses make a return and maybe stick around in their original flavor a bit longer. Hero raids are an A+ because they get end-gamers back into Rocheste boats.

    Shared Account Chest [NX Storage]

    Finally Shared Account Storage is here!  This is a pretty simple concept to understand. The storage chest can be filled with various items and opened on all characters within the same account. If NA follows the same formula as the other regions, the chest will come as a part of an event and only be sold in the NX Depot after the 60 day versions expire.  This marketing tactic is kind of nice. However I do not look forward to the QQ from players that forget about the timer and have their NX items stuck in a locked Shared Storage chest.

    According the list that came out in EU there are a bunch of great items that cannot be included in the storage such as Outfitters,

    The list of items that EU can store are as follows:

    Vindictus Learns to Share
    Share Bear would be pleased
    • AP Blessing Stone
    • EXP Blessing Stone
    • Luck Blessing Stone
    • Goddess Feather (Event)
    • Goddess Feather
    • Divine Blessing Stone
    • Gourmet Pet Food
    • Major Skill Reset Capsule
    • Goddess Grace
    • Max Durability Increase Potion
    • Minor Skill Reset Capsule
    • Party Merc Recovery Potion
    • Premium Fusion Rune
    • Premium Pet Food
    • Minor Skill Reset Capsule
    • Pure Skill Reset Capsule
    • Mercenary Voyage Blessing Stone
    • Merc Recovery Potion
    • Mercenary Potion Plus (5 days)
    • Merc Recovery Potion Plus
    • Weapon Fusion Rune (Event)

      Shouts Have Been Changed

      F1-F4 (Default)
      • F1 - "Nice" to "Nice!"
      • F2 -  "Thank you" to "Thanks!"
      • F3 -  "I'm sorry" to "I'm sorry..."
      • F4 -  "Well done" to "Well done!"
      Ah the little things... Not much to say on this but its a bit cleaner, slightly more friendly. The power of the exclamation mark. 

      Enchant Scrolls Bound to Bind

      Scroll Resellers Beware

      Enchant scrolls bind now - resellers and scam artists beware.

      It will prevent scroll resellers from buying scrolls for dirt cheap and reselling them for higher. Yes that is normal business in a market however, it was to the point where things were exploited.  I agree this needed to change.  

      Scrolls will still be able to be traded freely within an account but once the scroll is sent to another player, it will bind, requiring them to use it, NPC it or allow it to expire and destroy it.

      Flamenco and Matador
      New Outfitters

      Outfitter Shop (Flamenco, Matador)

      The Outfitter shop has also blessed players with the insanely sexy Flamenco outfitter and in preparation for upcoming Bull Fights, the true Matador garb for the guys.

      Feast your eyes and marvel at their wonders:

      Halos Arrive As Promised!

      Great news North America....we have FINALLY received the Halos in mass
      Fiona Earns her Halo
      Fiona Earns her Halo
      Nexon NA Communications Manager, Ruin3ddistribution. All participants that were able to black out their entire Bingo board during the Monster Bingo event are now the proud owners of Shiny Halos.

      These Halos were a coveted item that NA player had previously been somewhat cheated out of due to miscommunications and a lapse in Management.  The Halos can be fused and traded among players and were in fact the more desired Shiny Halo rather then the Standard Halo with an antennae.

      A sincere "THANK YOU" to Ruin3d from Nexon NA who took up the task of rectifying past wrongs and beautifying the servers.  Not only did he collect information from forum participants, he actually got these to the majority of players in an obtainable (non pay to win) event. 

      Thank you Ruin3d! 

      Whew! It was a busy month end for Vindictus, things are starting to look up. We'll try to do a review like this every month to keep you informed of ongoing changes to the game.

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