May 29, 2014

Vindictus Family Welcomes Lynn


Today the Nexon Europe Vindictus family formally introduced their region to:
 Lynn, the Dancing Blade.

Lynn Princess of the Lost Kingdom - Coming Soon
Lynn - Princess of the Lost Kingdom

Players were pleasantly surprised to find the Story of Lynn impeccably posted on their website. Lynn is the upcoming character being released in both Europe and North America in the middle of June '14.

Courtsey of
Lynn is a Princess on a quest for vengeance seeking to restore her kingdom.  She was trained in the martial arts since her early years and now expertly welds a Battle Glaive as her weapon of choice. She is nicknamed the "Dancing Blade" and even does so in a movement that oddly resembles that of a seasoned stripper...awkward much? Well hey, it is Vindictus. :)

She is tiny in stature; being the youngest of the warriors she has also displays a certain playfulness. This is apparent in her joyful "skipping" through town, pitiful pouting  and in some of her fashion ensemble.  That childlike behavior instantly diminishes once she's in battle.

Though she is the baby of the crew, she doesn't let that stop her on the battlefield,  She's proved to be a mighty and fierce opponent as Vindictus' 8th character.  She specializes in stacking moves and inflicting dangerous explosions at just the right moment. Her gameplay is oddly reminiscent of the best parts of other characters - Scythe Evie, Original Staff Evie and Hammer Fiona - with a couple new tricks all her own.  Her ability to evade the boss is uncanny and rounds out her gameplay by providing her with additional buffs when properly executed .

Lynns Traditional Garb - Vindictus Style
Lynn is a girly girl. Her skill names such as, Fallen Flower and Bloom reflect this even more. Her garb embraces her culture - she is the first character designed with a Chinese prototype.  You will find traditional Asian garments such as the Qi Pao Outfitter (Lynn Exclusive in NA), Dancing Blade, and Oriental Odyssey as key parts of her ensemble to help dress up your Lynn.

Lynn will be hitting the Vindictus EU server on June 18th.  Look for Vindictus NA  to launch her the same week.  Can't wait til the 18th? Watch the video brought to you by Lagerowonder to appease your appetite. And be sure to read up on Lynns backstory too.

Read more of the Lynn backstory with Vindictus EU.

The Story of Lynn
Update: Nexon America has announced that it will be releasing Lynn in June. As of right now there is no firm date but maintenance generally occurs on Wednesday or Thursday which means you can look for Lynn to arrive in NA either 6/18-19 or 6/25-26, if she's not released before then.


  1. I think I am the only one who doesn't like Lynn's character specific set... the one with the drapey arms... idk...

    Can't wait to make her all ninja-like xD

    1. I love it in that picture on the very bottom, the one with her backstory. :)

  2. Is this also confirmed for NA? NA has a bad habit of releasing content after EU... like weeks after EU.

    1. Not yet but the Golden Time Event leads up to the release of Lynn.

      NA was, until recently, ahead of EU - since December-ish. They remain within a week of each other in terms of updates and events. The Golden Time Events have been sync'd with EU, trailing by a day. If that remains true we will have her the same week.

      If our Golden Time events start to differ or if NA actually posts its own notice, I'll be sure to update and probably write a supplemental new article about it to drum up interest for NA.

    2. This I cannot do. But if you bring me 5 Kraken Fangs, 4 Blood Lord Hairs and proof that Erinn exists I will create a Mage just for you :)

  3. Hey I Ogled her first! Shes mine hahaha

    1. In that case the whole East, West and AUS server is yours too :O


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