June 16, 2014

Vindictus Celebrates Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day...Lets go Fishin!
This weekend Vindictus NA hosted a surprise Fathers Day Event!

Mercenaries were treated to a weekend full of pleasure on the docks. The Ignacht River was the place to be as the warriors put down their weapons and picked up fishing rods and harpoons. The Violent Tahtich never stood a chance!

What's that in them there waters?! None other than the coveted Sunken Treasure Chests. The chests were dumped by the boatload right into the sea for our Mercs to fish out. Those who were up to the task were dispatched onto boats and forced to relax while they popped out.

These chests are great ways to stock up on supplies, fishing material and 3-day hair and inner coupons. Some people have enough of both to keep them fabulous all year.

The Event ran from Friday to Monday morning before the raid reset. Though the chests didn't actually make it to shore until Saturday, the event was a nice gesture to honor Fathers. I like to think we honored Ernmass, (pictured above) as the (adoptive)Father of our Goddess..uh our friend Tieve...uh...a girl we used to know...

When was the last time your MMORPG celebrated Father's Day?

...This event was localized to only Nexon NA. The rest of the Nexon world was celebrating the World Cup.  Check it out. 

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