June 13, 2014

Vindictus Celebrates During World Cup

Vindictus EU and Mabinogi Heroes Celebrate World Cup
Vindictus and Mabinogi Heroes Celebrate World Cup
As the world battles it out in fierce competition, country against country in the FIFA World Cup, our Mercenaries were treated to a celebration of their own.
NPC Gallagher - Rookies Fear Him
Gallagher Wants You Rookie!

Coach Gallagher rallied the crew as he challenged them to a hearty game of football.  Never known  to back
down, Vindictus EU and Mabinogi Heroes answered the call.  Our "Rookies" grabbed their balls and cleats and  headed out to the field for some well deserved fun and relaxation. 

Fifa World Cup Mascot
Would Fuelco be pleased? The Goddess sure was! She's promised to send down down a giant golden soccer ball with massive damage potential to assist in the midst of upcoming battles against the Fomors! The competitions are sure to be riveting! They'll need all the help they can get so what are you waiting for??

There is no Jules Rimet here, our Mercs are being rewarded with the Sunken Treasure Chests and Keys from their battles. This years Chests can drop the official "Golden Football Uniforms" among other goodies. Vindictus EU and MHKR Events will run from now until July 10th. Precise beginning and end dates vary by region. 

It is really nice to see Vindictus keeping up with world events as well as being in sync in some regions.

The Event has not yet begun in Vindictus NA. Instead the Nexon NA team chose to honor Fathers Day with a surprise weekend Fishing event.  We're hoping to see the event here before the World Cup ends.

Disclaimer: Vindictus, Mabinogi Heroes and Vindictus Trix nor any representative of each, are in no way affiliated with FIFA or the FIFA World Cup.

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