June 18, 2014

EU - Release of Lynn 6/18

Lynn has been released in EU!

The celebration begins. Lynn has been released in EU and she's brought a  lot of gear and events with her.  Check in with VindictusTrix as we keep you updated.

New Character Lynn Released in EU 6/18

The Quick List


  • Lynn Level Up Event - Obtain lots of freebies for everyone as you level. Lvl 15 and up receive Fighting Boxes with goodies inside
  • Race to the Top - The first 10 players to reach level 80 with Lynn will receive a special title!
    Everyone who reaches level 80 with Lynn in the event period will also receive a title (general one)
  • Lynn of 1000 Faces - Collect 70 different Lynn faces from various party members as you battle it out against the fomors.
Cash Shop / Depot

Lots of new things in the Depot to help your new Lynn. You can get boosts, outfitters, rental gear and beauty packages.  Note most are Lynn specific.


Keaghan and Iset Outfitters are here! Enjoy the hunt to your royal thrown by obtaining your very own look-a-like Outfitter. The Outfitters appear to be randomized from the Royal Pouch as a gachapon. In EU these are tradeable on the marketplace with tir coins.

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