June 13, 2014

Vindictus Game Cards Coming Soon [EU]

Nexon EU will begin distributing prepaid gaming cards featuring Vindictus artwork. The news was announced today introducing the long term plan for the cards to be distributed in over 17 countries across Europe, beginning in Germany.

This is a huge step for the Vindictus brand out in the European market along with Combat Arms. Media Markt and Media Saturn outlets will begin showcasing the cards in their retail stores in the coming months.

"We at Nexon Europe are proud to announce the launch of our Nexon Game Card through Media Markt and Media Saturn outlets across Germany," said Donghyuk Kim from Nexon. "These retail stores are popular consumer shopping destinations, and we hope distributing our prepaid gaming cards through these channels will add greater convenience to our users. In addition, we've chosen to feature two popular games, Combat Arms and Vindictus, as the artwork on our cards, which we believe will appeal to game-playing consumers."
The cards currently available in Media Markt and Media-Saturn-Germany include gaming brands such as Runescape, Nexon and League of Legends, with additional cards being introduced soon.

Mock Up Only
We drew up this mock up to the left of what a potential card could look like with the new Vindictus Logo and some Season 2 misfits.

Wouldn't you love to see a return of Nexon Game Cards covered in your favorite boss or Merc in North America? They could even make Anniversary Cards as collectables.

Tell us what you think or make your own and share it in the comments.

Read more about the business venture with InComm, Media Markt and Media Saturn here with MarketWatch.com and with Pymnts.com.

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