July 15, 2014

Vindictus: July Battle Report

The Vindictus July Battle Report is here!

Armaggedon Armor S2E4

Just moments after this weeks Twitch Stream the monthly Battle Report is already online complete with some answers to a few inquisitive questions posed by the reveals from the broadcast.

First a short recap - we will be receiving Episode 4 of Season 2 in two parts. The first part (along with other updates) is set to be released this week. This includes the ability to collect items for crafting Armageddon and Majesty (lvl 80 and 70 armors) once the second part of S2E4 is released. The most shocking and exciting news that we received is that an AP Store is coming! This is being added to the Vindictus NA branch as a beta for the game. Though this brings up some of our own questions, the excitement really cannot be contained.

An AP Store, Season 2 Episode 4 and New Armor (Previews) along with an improvement to the "party" experience are all coming your way THIS WEEK!

Check out this weeks Battle Report and the FAQs brought to you by Zoltar.

Here is the next installment of the Vindictus Battle Report. This week we cover two new raid bosses: Ulchas and Lavasat, the AP Shop, the Ping Meter, new Weapon and Armor sets and new summer events. We also tease the upcoming content update!

Below are some FAQs for you to indulge in 

Q. What content will be seen in the No Gods No Kings update and when is it out?
A. This update will add two new raid bosses: Ulchas and Lavasat as well as the beta AP Shop, a ping meter and a couple of summer events. 

Q. Where do I find Ulchas and Lavasat?
A. These bosses are at a new location on the Malina Battle Board. Making a boat is the same as for any previous content.

Q. What items do they drop?
A. They have a number of drops but the ones to look out for are the Golden Inquisitor’s Brooch from Ulchas and the Hellguard Iron Fang from Lavasat. These are main ingredients in the new Armageddon weapons and armor sets so make sure you hang onto these!

Q. What is needed to craft each Armageddon piece?
A. Armageddon weapons use a Golden Inquisitor’s Brooch (Ulchas), a Hellguard Iron Fang (Lavasat), a Legendary Druid Horn (Druid) and two Divine Teardrops (Cromm Cruaich) as well as more common boss drops. Most Armageddon armor pieces use a Hellguard Iron Fang (Lavasat), a Legendary Druid Horn (Druid) and other more common materials dropped by each boss. Some substitute the Hellguard Iron Fang for a Golden Inquisitor’s Brooch (Ulchas).

Q. What is used in the Majesty items? 
A. Majesty items are crafted using the more common boss drops from all four bosses in Episode 4. 

Q. Can I craft items in Season 2 Episode 4 Pt.1?
A. No, all new recipes require drops from both parts of Episode 4. Recipes will also be disabled until the Pt.2 update in August. That doesn't mean you can’t start collecting drops from the two new bosses in the meantime though.

Q. Why split the content like this?
A. Nexon America is driving towards a higher quality experience for our players. This means we are allowing more time for testing and bug fixes before releasing updates. To adequately QA all Episode 4 content we need until August, however we wanted to release something for players to enjoy this month, hence the split.

Q. What is the new AP Shop and why are you adding it?
A. The AP Shop is a new addition to the game allowing players to purchase certain NX items using in-game AP. It is currently in beta so only select items are available but over time we will be adding more cash shop items to it. The concept behind the AP Store is giving players alternate means to access items currently only available for cash purchase.

Q. What other items will be added to the AP Shop?
A. Over time we will be updating the store to trial other NX Depot items. We don’t have a full list right now but the desire is to offer a broad selection of the most popular items.

Q. Why is there a limit on the number of Runes a player can purchase?
A. We are in early beta right now so want to ensure we don’t open the game up to any unforeseen exploits. Over time as we balance AP store pricing and identify potential problem areas we hope to be able to relax restrictions on the more valuable items.

Q. What is the Ping Meter?
A. The ping meter is a visual display which shows players what the host connection is like before boarding a boat. Blue indicates very little lag, Green is moderate lag, Yellow is significant lag, Orange and Red are severe lag, and Black indicates that your connection to the boat cannot be determined. 

Q. What are the summer events?
A. Two summer events will be launching with this update. The first is an AP attendance event which will allow players to gain AP for use on skills or the new AP Shop. The second will allow players to unlock all new toy weapons for their characters. +15 toy weapon anyone?

Q. What frequency should we expect Battle Reports?
A. We are hoping to release one of these reports monthly so subscribe to our Youtube channel to be kept in the know.

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