July 12, 2014

Review: Lynn | Lewd Meets Lethal

Lynn in Her Perfect Form

Who is Lynn?

Lynn is the newest addition to the Mercenaries and a saucy little thing. She is a princess of the Lost Kingdom and on a mission to restore her Kingdom to it's former glory (picture a less seductive Iset). After enduring numerous trials and hardships in her past she now prepares to face a plethora of new and otherwise deadly challenges.

Lynn sports a variety of smashes and counters that makes her a hybrid Sword Vella/Scythe Evie with a slight mix of Chain Vella (In my eyes). 

Lynn’s repertoire consists of the usual 1-2-3-4 Smashes (I’m used to Chain Vella having only a 1-2-3 windup with no 4th smash so it’s taking a little getting used to for me.)


Lynn's pouty face
HollyCaust - East Server

If you’re interested in a breakdown of each of Lynn’s skills and what they do in detail check out the full list here.

Swift Assassin [SA] Zhen Swift Assassin

Beautiful. Stunning. Magnificent. *Insert every other positive adjective imaginable*. This move is so pleasing, both aesthetically and functionally. During my time as a Vella (more so Chain) I always found myself stamina-drained even with every possible Stamina related item/skill available (potions/r3 Stam Regen/Cold Heart/Etc). Swords have the luxury of Slashing High so they can kind of, sort of bypass the need for easy Stamina recovery. The ability to proc AT LEAST 10 stamina for a quick, last minute dodge is such a wonderful thing. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I've needed just a tad bit more stamina in order to get out of harms way. The damage is almost very nice. A fully stacked, no crit detonation nets me around 20-30k damage depending on what boss I'm facing, which is a nice chunk.


NOTE:  I will NOT be giving exact values for her skills in my portion of the breakdown. Those numbers can be found in the aforementioned data tables once they have been posted on forums ~


Dark Cloud Dark Cloud (LR)

SA: None

Blood Lord wasn't ready for Lynns powa!I find this skill highly useless. The only time I have any success with is when juggling players in PvP. Perma juggle combo'd into a Swift Assassin detonation is such a rewarding thing to see. 

Feel free to drop a line down below if you've found some magical method of using this skill to achieve maximum damage.

Iron Machete
 Iron Machete (LLR)

Fishtail Pole

      SA: Fishtail Pole

I find myself utilizing this skill along with it's Zhen counterpart (Fishtail Pole) more often than the smashes that require longer windups (Broken Sword/Centipede Strike). Lynn suffers from hitbox difficulties (at least from what I've noticed) in a sense that her attacks are very straightforward... literally.  

Iron Machete basically proceeds forward and any slight horizontal movement by a boss will cause you to either miss or wind up in an unattractive position. Luckily Lynn's dodge is so forgiving what with the ability to store Wind Steps and use them when needed. 

Broken Sword Broken Sword (LLLR)

Drunken Mantis

SA: Drunk Mantis

Only 360 AOE available to you. Pretty good for clearing trash mobs but it's nothing compared to Chain Vella's Bitter Gale (That thing clears everything and their mothers).  I often times only use this skill when there's some trash mobs grouped up or if I feel like I can fit it in. Once again, I don't have actual multiplier values so I don't know if that's wasted damage or the right choice. I'll be sure to make future posts on my findings if I stumble upon something.

Lynn takes on the Monark

Centipede StrikeCentipede Strike (LLLLR)

Flying Guillotine

SA: Flying Guillotine

Oh baby this move. This move always brings a much needed change to my otherwise stoic expression. Lynn propels herself midair and proceeds to booty pound the ground and if you don't or cannot Little Rat then she basically remains grounded for a little bit. For all you booty lovers out there this is the skill that pays the bills. But in all seriousness this is a very rewarding skill in my eyes and the skill I tend to use most often. The only issue I have is that in crowded raids (such as Bark) where it's difficult to see yourself, it's often hard to get the timing of Flying Guillotine right. Also this is one of two skills that can be used post Killer Dart.


Thunderleg Thunderleg (Dodge Key + Directional button)

Little Rat
 Little Rat (Dodge Key)

Hits an enemy: Furious Tiger (Upgrades next smashes Swift Assassin from 1 mark to 2 marks)

Deflects an attack: Wind Step (Double-tapping Dodge will launch you behind the enemy)

I swear this is the most enjoyable dodge in the game. You get the spammability of Glint, the damage mitigation of Cross Cut, it puts distance between you and the boss AND it allows you to reclaim said distance with the push of a button. I wasn’t even aware she had Wind Step until I played her. Now the whole “Ninja Outfitter” release makes sense.


Useful Videos

I highly recommend checking out the gameplay of Lagerowonder and Junyoop on YouTube. They are highly knowledgeable and passionate about the game.  Be sure to subscribe.

Lagerowonder Lynn 101

Junyoops' Lynn Solos Lionotus Hero

Also check out Junyoops Lynn Playlist

~  Thanks for taking the time to read this review.  I know its far from informative or even useful but I just wanted to give my take on Lynn so far. ~

Holly's Hollycaust

~ Feel free to leave your thoughts on Lynn down below and we can talk the talk. ~

Here's some Eye Candy

Lynn Twerk

Lynn - Something like a grown woman

This is a Touch and Run

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