July 16, 2014

Vindictus: S2E4 Twitch Preview [NA]

Vindictus Hosts its 3rd Twitch Stream and reveals Season 2, Episode 4 - "No Gods, No Kings" (also known as Paradise of the NonBelievers).  Previews of upcoming raid bosses, new armor and weapon sets, a stream giveaway, and the very first reveal of the AP Store were on the roster as almost 800 viewers tuned in to this weeks demo.

GM - Zinyden (L), CM - Zoltar (R)
GM - Zinyden (L), CM - Zoltar (R)

Hosted by: Zoltar and Zinyden
GMs players:  Zinyden, SamoSam, Orkus

On screen characters [Ulchas]:  Crock (Karok - Zinyden), Kaichonu (Kai - SamoSam), and KobraKai (Kai)

On screen characters [Lavasat]:  Crock (Karok - Zinyden), KobraKai (Kai - Orkus), Kotaka (Lynn - SamoSam)

Clearing the Air

Previous streams have been met with a bit of discontent from the players because our GM's have been fairly beefed up beyond normal standards.  Zinyden took some time to explain why they needed it. Basically because they are demonstrating content designed for 8 people with being played with 3, they beefed up the characters to make the best use of time.  So yes "Naysayers", Ziny is rocking +15 everything but its so that the gameplay is a bit swifter which allows them to show us the the content as well as get through some of the bosses different states and transitions.

Preview - S2 E4, (Part One) 

"No Gods, No Kings"

New area being released is called "Annwyn" and is available from the Malina mission board. It houses both runs "Desolate Malina" (Ulchas, 6-man raid) and "Gates of Hell" (Lavasat).  All raids (Levels 50-69 and 70-85)  will require a higher level of skill, teamwork and attention not seen before.  Quick reflexes will be key to survival.

Inquisitor Ulchas

Shortly after your boat departs you've entered "Desolate Malina" as your party of 6 walks onto the shores of our once glorious getaway. The beachfront has been visibly darkened with despair. Exploration up to town reveals your foe and the battle against Inquisitor Ulchas begins.

Destroyer of Malina - Inquisitor Ulchas
Inquisitor Ulchas - Desolate Malina
Gameplay Live Server - Inquisitor Ulchas Kill Shot 50-69
Party Play - Inquisitor Ulchas Defeated

The team reviewed the battle quirks while actually fighting the boss.  Ulchas gave the trio hell but they were able to get through and demonstrate each of the stages. Ziny also outlined several tips and aspects of his attacks that only viewers were able to see.

Lavasat - Gates of Hell

Storyline progression will bring you to the Gates of Hell, once you arrive you are met with the beastly guardian, Lavasat. Reminiscent  of Lionotus mixed with a Kangaroo, Lavasat looks like it is sure to be fun.

Lavasat is an 8-man raid that does not require a lot of skill but does require that you pay attention.  Team work is favored over brute force with this guy. Players will have to first eliminate all of the "Hell Spikes" surrounding the entry.  During this pre-battle Lavasat does not take damage.  Use this stage to build SP for the battle.

Lavasat - Gates of Hell - S2E4
Lavasat - Gates of Hell - S2E4

After each "Hell Spike" is destroyed, Lavasat will become dormant, resting where he lies giving the party the perfect opportunity to shift gears for the main attraction which  is concurring the bull.  This is a good time for Staffies to stack their skills and to regen and provide a corona for the party.  Players should use this break to repair and heal up.

During the next 15 minutes to an hour Lavasat will jump, leap, crush and inflame the party.  Tame him by using the chains provided by the game and lassoing his horns as he turns red. The objective is to steer him away from the lava pools flowing from the walls which allow him to regenerate his spiked armor along his back. Continually breaking armor plates will allow you a shot at the main break off which is his . Keeping him away from the lava walls is crucial because Lavasat only takes 30% of your damage dealt if he has full armor.  Once he's broken though, players will deal 150% damage.  Evies will have to learn to chain effectively or risk not obtaining the "El Matador" title and Chainblade Vellas will be a definite asset.

AP Shop - NA Beta Exclusive AP Shop

The AP Shop was revealed as a new Beta feature for the NA region. We will now have an opportunity to use excess AP to buy some NX items.  There aren't a lot of offerings right now but will be a great addition for players level 40 and above.

A few items included in the first beta include Enhancement Runes, Clodagh's Dye Ampoules, and Goddess/Party Graces.  Limitations include once weekly and once daily options but are available for all characters on an account as long as they are over level 40.

** Gold is not required to purchase AP Shop items. **

Ping Meter

Joining a Good Host Has Never Been Easier
The Ping Meter has been added within a week after being released to Korea.  The Ping Meter allows you to preview the hosts connection.  Avoid Yellow and Red meters as these will cause you pain.

Black bars are supposed to mean that the connection cannot be determined or that the boat has already left the dock.

Stick to Blue and Green meters for a solid playing experience.

New Armor & Weapons

With new raids comes new armors! Well, sort of.  The crew demonstrated Armageddon and Majesty gear including new armor and weapons, which will be available to craft once Part 2 is released. Armageddon (Level 80) is a fiery garb of doom, while Majesty (Level 70) shows the more elite side of the Royal Army uniform.

Wrap Up

Ziny and Zolt wrapped up the Twitch Session with a brief overview of the following:
  • New Battle Report (Available soon on YouTube)
  • FAQ about S2E4 
  • Discussion of upcoming events 

Twitch Giveaway

Winners of this weeks Twitch "Random" Giveaway were SuperiorKimchi, Xionosy and BlueSentienal.
Congratulations guys, we hope you got something awesome :)

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