July 8, 2014

Vindictus is Advertising

We've been hearing tales of late night commercial sightings but today Zoltar has confirmed it,  Vindictus is running a TV ad campaign.  My heart literally leaped 30ft in the air when I heard this. We've waited sooooooooooooo long for this day...ADS!!!!!!!!!!!! Exposure!!!!!! Notoriety!!!!

The following video is running on channels such as Adult Swim, Esquire TV (G4tv), Comedy Central, Spike TV, and MTV2 overnight across the service region.

Not only that but we've also started seeing Google ads sporting Vindictus.  You can see a few here on this article.  This is awesome news because gamers everywhere are now in the target market for at least seeing Vindictus on their screen and wondering what its all about.  The brand awareness and visibility is guaranteed to be great for the game.  

~We love it, we love it~

We love the playerbase that this campaign is geared towards.  We love the fact that Vindictus is advertising! We love that these campaigns are sure to mean more players and more interest in Vindictus on all three servers.

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