July 8, 2014

Contest: The Lynn Chronicles

Stories of Lynn1st Place Prize

Its time to get those creative juices flowing and let your imagination run wild.  To celebrate the arrival of Lynn Nexon's Vindictus [NA] team wants you to dust off those keyboards and break out your Movie Maker...Check out the latest fanfiction contest.

We know Lynn has a lot of fans and we want to reward them. That's why we're hosting a fan fiction contest from now until 11:59 PM PDT on Sunday, July 13. We want you to compose your very own story for your personal Lynn. Perhaps your Lynn isn't from a lost kingdom and still lords over subjects in a faraway land. Or perhaps she is a chosen one destined to defeat the Fomors and guide the people of Vindictus to the promised land of Erinn. It's up to you to decide what path you want her to take.

Contest Information

Dates: Contest ends at 11:59 PM PDT on Sunday, July 13

Details: Create a unique story for your Lynn character using either comic panels or video narration. Just post your images or embed your video into the official forum thread, which can be found here. Story must take place inside the world of Vindictus and feature its lore. Write the best Lynn yarn and you could win a Regal Panda Chieftain Package, a Shadow Leather Ninja Set, or a host of other hot items!


Long Spirit Hoodie

Shorter Spirit Hoodiee
Tee Shirts and Lanyard

  • (5 Winners for Each Entry Category)
  • 1st Place - 5th Place receives their choice of:
  • One (1) Shadow Leather Ninja Set OR
  • One (1) Regal Panda Chieftain Package (Blue) OR
  • One (1) Regal Panda Chieftain Package (Red) OR
  • One (1) Old World Equipment Set
  • + Spirit Hood***
  • + One (1) Vindictus T-Shirt
  • + One (1) Vindictus Mouse Pad
  • + One (1) Vindictus Lanyard

***  1st place winners will receive a Long Spirit Hood while 2nd -5th place winners will receive the shorter version. ***

*T-Shirt sizes are subject to availability and are delivered on a first reply-first send basis. Winners will be emailed at their Nexon account registered email address for shipping details*

We'll report back with the names and snippets from the winning entries.

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