July 6, 2014

Vindictus Season 2: Episode 4 Trailer

Ulchas is coming.

Season 2 Episode 4

Are you ready?
Are you?

Both Europe and North America are ramping up when it comes to Episode 4.

Right after Lynn we are anticipating the release of Episode 4's first two bosses, Ulchas and Lavasat within the first half of July.

NexonNA has announced that the release, comprised of 4 raid bosses will be split in their arrival.  Ulchas and Lavasat are first up as we enter the completion of the Season 2 storyline.  

Over the NA holiday, EU posted a teaser on their YouTube.  Check it out and prepare yourselves for some new content that's sure to ignite the servers.  


Trailer Released: July 4th 2014

Raid Boss: Ulchas
Character: Hurk

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