July 2, 2014

Vindictus Announces S2E4 Lavasat and Ulchas

Episode 4 is coming in July Season 2 Episode 4
Season 2, Episode 4 has been confirmed for July
Special Announcement
Attention all Mercenaries, Royal Army Members and Coffer Chasers,

Season 2 Episode 4 has been confirmed for a 2 part release during the month of July. Zoltar our awesome CM, confirmed this news shortly before broadcasting a Twitch.stream moments ago.  No firm dates or details have been provided but now is the time to prepare yourselves...something wicked is coming this way!

Message from Zoltar, Vindictus CM [7:31PM EST]

Mercenaries we are happy to announce that hot on the heels of the release of Lynn we will be releasing the next episode of Season 2’s storyline.

The episode 4 content release will be split into two parts with the first hitting later this month, featuring new raid bosses Lavasat and Ulchas.

These new bosses will require teamwork and coordination to take them down, so make sure to start preparing for the upcoming battle!

Are you excited? Tell us what you think about splitting the Episode into two parts...love it or hate it

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