June 22, 2014

Vindictus Logo End of an Era

A month ago Friday marked the end of an era. The end of the Vindictus' Golden Logo.

 A new world rises. NexNA staff announced that our Vindictus would be getting a new symbol to stand for our game. A new logo along with a complete rebrand.

As we reported at the time, plenty were outraged. Since then we've slowly seen the old logo being ushered out. Nexon has stated that the replacement logo better fits their vision of a darker Vindictus, a world of epic battle beyond that which we've seen.

A little over a month later and several questions still haven't been answered with the most concerning being, "what about EU?"

Nevertheless, we must move on. We have a new logo and its time to send off the old one properly.  Please take this time to remember the old logo, one last time before completely putting it to rest.

The following is a collection of the interwebs best versions of the Vindictus Logo.
Click on each one to view it in its version to view originals.

~ Rest In Peace Logo  ~ 
You served us well as our symbol for vindication, thank you.

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