June 23, 2014

Vindictus: June Battle Report

Zoltar, Nexon Community Manager for the Vindictus NA team is really stepping things up for players. 

After a long period of hands off game management we FINALLY have a CM that gets it.  Zoltar has been at the helm of the player Community for just over 6 months and we've really begun to see some much needed changes. Many of those have brought our game up to par with the basics that we'd lacked from previous management. 
Rejoice for the return of game news! 
Not too long ago we practically begged Nexon to get in our face with news (Spotlight:Vindictus Production Team News), details and to keep us in the loop as to what is to come. Well folks, the team has answered the call!

Last week, Zoltar started a new series called: Vindictus Battle Report

First Battle Report - Lynn Overview and Season 2, Episode 4 Sneak Peek

The Battle Report is a video series that will cover upcoming content, special announcements and all other things Vindictus so stay tuned for more!

Vindictus Season 2, Episode 4 Boss Preview
Vindictus Season 2, Episode 4 Boss Preview

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