April 21, 2014

Spotlight: In Memory | Vindictus Communication

In this weeks' Spotlight - I'm remembering better times. Times when we had something we expect, need and are sorely missing right now. I'd like to remember something that we used to have that has been gone for far too long...communication!
Alteris Former CM, Vindictus NA


Vindictus Production Team News

Historically we have had some entertaining releases of information coming straight from the Nexon NA Vindictus Production Team. This info included "Devs", GMs and CMs showing their true selves and doing zany things all in the name of Vindictus. Underneath all the craziness was reliable information that kept us in touch with the game, development strategies and more importantly just a personal touch. It would be really nice to have this type of connection again.

Retired Communication Methods:

  • Production Team Interviews - video entries with NexNA Devs. 
  • Interviews with Development - EU has had several interviews with DevCat, why is the door closed to NA? Why give that impression if it is not true? 
  • Community Dares - forumers daring the CM to do something zany but game related (like snorting Merc Recovery Pots from a cereal bowl
  • VQ Magazine (Vindictus Quarterly) - which highlighted selected Vindictus Fashionistas 
  • Blabber Box - was a Nexon-wide spoof reel, but sometimes included Vindictus episodes 

All of these things built our Community and helped us to gel. They provided talking points, jokes and even relatively easy Marketing when posted on outside sources like YouTube. They were mood stimulators, yes a bit zany and sometimes seemingly crazy but at their heart they provided some sort of information and kept the player base engaged during game lulls.

I'd specifically like to ask for the Interviews with the "Production Team" to be continued.

These helped us to understand where we were in the game, what was being done about certain issues and really helped just to know what they were thinking. Without it, we are left to speculate or worse grab information on our own game from another region. This should not be so.  I'd like to note that they don't have to be video interviews. Posting a Q&A thread would be awesome and be a welcome opportunity.

There are a plethora of resources that make up this gaming community, using them helps it be more than just the game. So for now, rest peace good communication, we hope you make a return soon.

Examples of VQ Magazine

Our game is full of fashionistas and sex appeal. VQ magazine gave players and opportunity to compete and be chosen for the cover. Each time real players were chosen to strut their stuff like the runway models that they are. The "issues" were released quarterly and were posted to the homepage, in game and on Facebook.

These were just fun . Reading some of the covers still cracks me up and brings back good memories. I "think" players also received NX for being selected. Click to view larger versions and read the headlines.

VQ Magazine
VQ Magazine
VQ Magazine
VQ Magazine
VQ Magazine
VQ Magazine

VQ Magazine
VQ Magazine

Examples of Blabber Box

Oh how I hated this when they did it...but yeah, I miss it now that its gone. Blabber box was Nexons version of Saturday Night Live. They had some really great segments and interviews sprinkled in. The jokes are ridiculous...in the video below watch at least the first 2 minutes and you'll see what I mean. The segments included The Sophisticated Gamer, Testers, Rants and Raves, and a few others. The gamer parodies are +best.

Vindictus part is within the first 2 minutes. I posted one of the longer ones so you could see the variety

Vindictus Sports Illustrated (Unofficial)

Laosdude has some really great Sports Illustrated Vindi themed covers, but they weren't official.

Just in case we ever decide to release the Vindi soundtrack as an album - here's the cover.

Kudos (and all credit) to you for trying to keep the theme alive.



What do you guys think - do you miss any of these methods or are you ok with normal stickies on the forums?

Speak your mind in the comments or over on the Vindictus Forum thread.

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