May 27, 2014

New Mobile Game: Durango

New Title for the makers of Vindictus

Brought to you by What!Studio and Nexon, Durango is a survival MMO set in the wilderness. Watch the trailer and check out that NAME DROP 23 seconds in!!!

Its sort of  really nice to see Vindictus being used to publicize new games - we still need some specifically for us though.
NPC - Strange Traveler
Strange Traveler...Mysterious DevCat

Read on for some other juicy news about DevCat.

The game is still in its early stages so not much is known.  Durango is set in the past and I'm talkin' way back - yup, the prehistoric era.  Back when the girls wore denim jean shorts while hunting for berries and the men rode dinosaurs as they shot them with harpoons...wait what!?!

Durango screenshot 1
Is that a Wrangler?!

Durango screenshot 2
Yup - Dinosaurs

Lol this is not your typical pre-historic venture. Think more along the lines of "Survivor" meets "Jurassic Park."  Here is what I know:
  • Its going to be a mobile MMO game
  • There WILL BE Dinosaurs! 
  • Survival is the key, crafting is likely be be a big aspect
  • The elements will challenge the players in Life, Energy and Mental Health 
  • Working together seems like a major aspect of the game, working to make it against the elements of nature 
  • There is talk about having the final "perma" death for characters, so although its a mobile game, skill might play a large factor.

What the..."What!Studio"?!?

Shout out to Vindictus in the Trailer :)
From the Trailer
The trailer mentions that it is being created by the same studio that brought us Mabinogi Heroes (Vindictus). The video clearly states the "Creator of Mabinogi/Vindictus" as well as the listing the "What!Studio" logo (absent of Devcats).  It could possibly mean nothing other than that the new game stole one of our original dev team. The Nexon Development Conference (NDC) is in progress so this news may be slowly streaming from there.

Here are the facts:
  • DevCat is the developer of Vindictus/Mabinogi Heroes
  • What!Studio is very clearly listed on the trailer video for Durango
  • DevCat is not listed on the trailer
  • Nexon will be publisher to both games (MH/Vindictus and Durango)
Return to the Wilderness
Durango - Return to the Wilderness

Nexon uploaded a video of Durango to its YouTube but didn't add details regarding which development branch is responsible.  Until official word comes out saying otherwise, we're going to stick with what we know and that is that "What!Studio" is another internal development branch within Nexon that perhaps nabbed some team members from our original crew.

That may be sad for us with Season 3 coming soon but we have faith that they'll bring us something similar to Season 1.  We  promise to bring you more info about the relationship between DevCat and What!Studio as soon as details are known..

No word yet on which global entities will publish Durango; though Nexon may be moving to a more centric publishing under NexonM (obile).  Stay in the loop on the official site -



  2. Absolutely. I loved seeing the Vindictus name drop in the video. Our game definitely can use all the advertising it can get and this is a way that's guaranteed to get us noticed. Also I'm interested in the connection between DevCat and What!Studio, waiting to see what else is on the horizon.

  3. Jurassic Park: Korean Style!

  4. sooo exited for this game!!!


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