May 24, 2014

Spotlight: Extreme Damage Staffie

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Draciel - KR Premier Server
Dealing Extreme Damage as a Staffie

Draciel is the epitome of a beast in Vindictus. Armed with his Staff in hand he dishes out spell after spell with deadly results. Fomors everywhere fear the wrath of the almighty mage, Draciel!   

He is the guy to watch.  This isn't your usual dainty and delicate playstyle.  You won't see him playing it safe, hiding off in the shadows or running around waiting for an oh so protective Mana Shield to return.

His gameplay is refreshingly absent of the typical Magic Arrow spam-til-you-run-out-of-breath routine.  Oh no, that's not Draciel. You'll find him right up there with the other damage dealers, giving them a run for their money. Continual Focus stays active to help him dish out the spells one after another.  My jaw hung wide open in awe when I watched him for the first time. So fast, so STAFFIE!!!

~Cinematic Saga~
Season 1 Bosses

Though his stats are awesome all on their own, Draciel adds a touch that lets you know he is in full command of his Evie. 444 titles is nothing to sneeze at either.

~ Draciel ~
~Draciels Stats~
(Old Stat Screen)

That's the thing I love most about his gameplay; he has unwavering aggression towards the boss and isn't stacking Defense. He retreats only to avoid being attacked and if he is, he keeps going as if a hit were nothing more than taking a tap on the shoulder. But its not facetanking, his defense is low enough that a "normal" player would feel insecure. He has the ability to adjust mid-stream no matter what happens in the run.  The best thing is that while he's doing it he often looks like he's floating.

Draciel vs. Succubus Queen~
KR Premier Server

Draciel vs. Havan

It is unusual to find this type of aggression on the North American server...especially in a Staff Evie who is thought to be more of a static character.  To me that is the sign of an awesome player. Someone who can adjust no matter what happens (and look fabulous while doing it). Being able to do as he does, suggests a familiarity with your characters abilities and limitations, timing and risk tolerance in addition to "knowing" boss moves.

  ~Draciel vs Crom Cruach KR Premier Server~

Watch some of these Draciel videos to give you an idea of why he's called, the Extreme Damage Dealing Staffie.
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