May 22, 2014

Nexon NA: Min Kim Appointed Chairman AIAS, Vindictus on Display

Nexon sporting a Vindictus background
Today Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) announced changes to its Board members including the promotion of our very own Min Kim as Chairman. The news also brings some exposure to Vindictus - the worlds best free to play action MMO.

Congratulations Min Kim!

The AIAS Board is composed of 15 volunteer directors, each of whom are leaders and trailblazers in their field.  AIAS is looking to the new Board to bring keen expertise from each of their respective fields to help advance the mission of AIAS projects and initiatives.

But that's not all. This is also great news for VindictusCheck out that Nexon logo....Vindictus is prominently displayed on the AIAS press release as the backdrop for the Nexon logo.

Could this be another sign of change in the air?  Could Nexon really start advertising Vindictus more frequently? Could we, dare I say become the flagship of the NA branch?! Stay tuned, we'll be watching.

Update May 24

To find out more about AIAS and the changes to the Board, please visit their site:
Keep reading for a Min Kim throwback...

Min Kim Throwback
Ah, Min Kim...
Remember when you proudly donned your 
Vindictus Gnoll Chieftain Hoodie?
It would be awesome to see this again.

Min Kim, Nexons E3 Debut Reppin Vindictus 2010

"I think people are going to get tired of spending $60 for a game," Kim said. "You'll still do that for the games that you really care about, but once they start playing games like Vindictus or Dragon Nest or Dungeon Fighter Online, they spend a lot of time in those games." - Min Kim, 2010
Reflect on the full expose of Nexons first appearance at E3 on US-China Today.

-Awesome hair by the way  

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