January 11, 2014

Evie Builds 3.0

Build Your Evie 3.0 (2014 Version)

You've got an Evie. You've reached level 60-80 - now what?

East Server - Evie - Vindictus - Max Level 80
TrixiEEEE - Critty Evie
You may prefer a Scythe, or a Staff or even be a great hybrid but at your core you are an Evie. So how do you make her the best possible Evie for your play style? How do you maximize her potential? How do you make those LLR's and Pew Pew's count for you?

Having an actual build - creating your character purposefully - will go a long way to help support your play style overall. So take some time out and mold your Evie to be more than just the cute magic chick.

After several additions to gear, accessories and scrolls along with the update to the Vindictus Armory old builds that were shared are no longer viable.  We've taken Evie to new heights since the last  post and it is the perfect time for a new one.

On the forums I encouraged Evies - new and old - to share their builds and goals for their Evies here. I hope you find list to be a great starting point for generating ideas for your Evie.

Whatever build you choose, know that achieving it likely won't be an easy task. But it will be worth it.  At the end of the day you will have your perfect girl, one that you can be proud of that helps you put forth your best effort.

Feel free to post any questions, comments or builds that you would like to see added to the main list.

Evie Builds 3.0*

NEW EVIES: Feel free to use this as a starting point to creating your Evie build. Most people will have have used up a ton of gold to get their perfect form.

  • Classic Evie - High Intelligence (3K+), corresponding Magic Attack, no other stats of note
  • Glass Cannon - She shoots to win, pure Magic Attack, very low Defense
  • Healthy Evie - Super High Health (very difficult to kill)
  • Critty Evie - She crits all day - High Crit (100+)/Will
  • Nurdy Evie - Highly Intelligent (3K+) (not necessarily high Matk)
  • Wholesome Evie - She's well rounded in all stats
  • Tanky Evie - High Defense, high Agility
  • Speedy Evie - 70+ attack speed, catch her before she's gone.
  • Energetic Evie - she never runs out out of stamina 180+
  • Centered Evie - Totally balanced (90+, no other stats are notable)
  • Lowballin' Evie - Purposefully low stats to prove skill over stats
  • PVP Evie - built for PVP
  • Omni Evie - This Evie Tops Everything End Game has to offer - see below 

    The following builds were downgraded because they weren't really builds but are still valid accomplishments.

    Downgraded from version 2.0:

    • Overachiever Evie - 400+ titles
    • StarStruck Evie - 4 and 5 star gears and accessories
    • More to love - this Evie was created with a little something extra

      Introducing Omni Evie

      This Evie is superior in absolutely everything. She literally has the best of the best.
      • +15 Level  70|80 weapon
      • 22K+ magic attack
      • 3000+ Intelligence
      • All level 80 gear 
      • Fully enchanted (double enchants)
      • Level 40 Trans
      • 400+ Titles

        Pick a build that will help your gameplay. To get started the Vindictus Armory has everything you need to start plugging away, including actual armor and weapons from the game. Just plug in your stats and go!
        Special thanks to Shippuu and other contributors.

        Note: This article stims from previous versions 1.0 and 2.0 and holds the most up to date information as of Q2-2014.

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