April 12, 2012

Evie Builds 1.0



There are lot of mainstream ideas about what Evie is. While Evie IS the supportive character by nature she has evolved as the game has.
UPDATE: Check out the updated article.

There is no ONE way to do her. You should find the build that fits your taste and your playstyle. I started this discussion on the Vindi forums but wanted to post it here for us as well.

Help out new and existing characters - let them know that there is more
than one way to skin a cat.

A build is what your characters stats - weapon, enchants and armor are gear'd towards basically supporting a certain playstyle or attribute of a playstyle. Generally speaking, it means you actually took time and thought about it and have worked to obtain it.

Here is the thread so you can follow along with the discussion. Link on Vindi forums

Builds for Staff Evie
1.) Basic Stavie -> 2300 INT
2,) Intelligent Stavie -> 2500+ INT
3.) Magic Attack Stavie -> 16-18k+
4.) Healthy Stavie > 2500 - 3000+hp
5.) Defensive Stavie -> 5k - 10?k def
6.) Stamina'd Stavie -> 150+???
7.) Crity Stavie - > 60+???
8.) Speedy Stavie - > 50+ more???
9.) Balanced Stavie -> 80+ BAL
10.) Crit Res'd Stavie -> 80+ ??
11.) Equalized Stavie -> INT 2500+, MAtt - 15K+, DEF 3.5-4k+, AGI 1150+, Will 970+, Crit >50, Speed >40, Balance >80 (relatively high everything, uber nothing)

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