July 25, 2014

Vindictus Responds: How to Report Scams

It seems like its been eons since forumers requested action against scammers in Vindictus as well as a clear definition of scamming. Scamming has been a long time problem in the game, perpetuated by both the lack of a real trading system and the malfunctioning mailbox.  Dozens of naive and trusting players have been the victims of scams and have pleaded with Nexon NA to do something about it.

Zoltar has issued this responded to requests for information about Nexons stance on scamming and how to report wrong doing. Today he posted the thread "How to Report Scams".

Scammers are officially on notice that bad trades and trickery will be dealt with and lead to potentially permanent account bans.

The best part about this is that Nexon has (FINALLY) also openly stated that the trading NX for gold and cash is against the TOS.  Hopefully this will alleviate some of the bad seeds in and around the Vindictus servers.

How to Report Scams

 Hey Mercenaries,
It saddens us to see more reports of player scamming recently. For those of you who aren’t aware of what this entails, it is when one player tricks another into sending them a valuable item with promises of enchanting / enhancing it or reimbursing them in some other way. The player who receives the item then goes back on their deal and keeps the item.
First and foremost a warning to players carrying out these scams. We are very serious about stopping this problem and when you are caught you will be punished. Because of the serious nature of these actions punishment sits outside of our banning guidelines so you may very well find your account plus any other associated ones permanently closed.

Here are a few tips for players to avoid being scammed:
• If something is too good to be true it probably is.
• Don’t send valuable items to another player so that they can enhance, enchant, increase quality or anything else. This is just asking to be scammed as there is no guarantee they are going to deliver.
• Don’t trade items for IOUs unless you know the person really well.
• Establish the identity of the person you are talking to. If they claim to be someone you know on an ‘alt’ either get them to get on their main to prove it or identify them some other way.
• Never share your account details, login or other personal information with people in-game.
• If you do take part in a ‘risky’ trade (which we advise against) screen grab the conversation, sent mail with attached item and anything else relevant. Having this proof helps clear things up much quicker in the event of a scam.

Please note trading NX for gold or NX items for gold is not just against the game’s terms of use but also more risky than straight item for gold trades. Although we will still take action against people scamming using these items we will not be returning any lost gold or items to players who get scammed as both parties are breaking the rules.

Steps to report a scam:
• First step is always to try and resolve things with the other player. There may have been an honest mistake.
• If a resolution isn’t possible, please contact our CS department and provide a detailed account using the following steps:
- CLICK HERE (please note, if you’re not already logged in you’ll need to do so and then click Submit a ticket)
- Under Game Selection choose Vindictus
- Under Category choose Report a Player
- Under Sub-Category choose Misconduct and Harassment
- In the Summary area please type Scammer on East, AU or West server (choose whichever server you were on)
- In the Character Reported area, please provide the character/name of the player you want us to investigate
- In the Details area, please provide us as much information as possible about the scam
- Under Options, click the Attach a file link and upload your screenshots (alternately, you can include a link to a photo hosting site in your Details)
- Click Finish
• CS will investigate your ticket and take action if sufficient evidence of wrong doing is found.

Again please take all reasonable measures you can to prevent being scammed and in any instance where this occurs send us a detailed description of what happened so we can take appropriate action.

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