July 22, 2014

Preview: Q&A Interview with Developers on Arisha

Meet Arisha - Magic Slayer
Arisha Concept Art
The Mabinogi Heroes development team sat down to have an interview with INVEN about the newly revealed "Arisha" coming out this week.

Courtesy of World Wide Game Watchers and "afkalmighty" we are able to have a translated version of the interview. Because this is now confirmed information we will be including validated information about Arisha in our news.

Devcat MH Arisha team - project manager, animator, programmer, and modeler

Here are the goods, confirmed from the interview:
  • Vindictus is getting a new female character!
  • Arisha will be released on July 23rd in Mabinogi Heroes, test server.
  • She will be a dual weapon character -  like Fiona - carrying a Longblade and a Castlet (both new weapon types)
  • Though she carries a Longblade,  Arisha is a Magic / Intelligence (INT) based character.  
  • She was created to add stability to the Market Place in relation to demand for Intelligence (INT) based items.
  • Her Castlet shoots Mana Stones and the Longblade slices
  • Arisha uses an "MP" bar in addition to her health and stamina bar. Right now this is Arisha exclusive.
  • Her gameplay may be difficult to master, like Spear Lann but with a  different challenge
  • She was created for the Western world, and sports a more voluptuous  body type and is not based on any source character/type
  • She will be able to stop time...nuff said
Whoa baby. We can't wait to see what DevCat drummed up this time.  Gamers are getting another Intelligent Diva to strut their stuff though the perils of Vindictus.

Extra Info:

We did some digging of our own  into the meaning of "Arisha". Here is what we found:

Its origin stims from the name Irene or Arina:
>> Arisha is a Russian girl name - meaning `Peaceful`.
>> Derived from the Greek Eirēnē, which is from eirēnē (peace). The name Arisha is borne in Greek mythology by the goddess of peace, the daughter of Zeus and Themis
>> Arisha is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means one who is building something great. It is derived from the Ain-R-Sh (throne, to build).
>> Arisha can also mean Highness in Hindi
>> The lyrical Arisha is a very unique name for a baby girl. More commonly used in Russian and Hindu cultures, Arisha has that slightly exotic and feminine appeal that you may have been searching high and low for.

How do you get away with being a character in this game and having the name "peaceful"? One may never know. 

Extra Side Note: Datamining from the game is not condoned.  In this case it has ruined the official launch of a new character.  Though Nexon should have protected their IP better, each of us has an onus to do better.  The Devs put a lot of work and creativity into generating content and characters for us, sometimes its better to just not spoil the surprise.

Your white hat is gray.

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