June 19, 2014

Lynn Makes Headlines!

Dancing Blade Coming Soon
Vindictus - New Character Lynn
Our Lynn has certainly turned up the interest in Vindictus. Gaming sites everywhere are talking about "EU's" release of Lynn yesterday.


The press is great for the game. We wanted bring you an ongoing list of articles we've found about Lynn so you can get out  there and support the game in comments with your love for Vindictus and excitement about Lynn.

What you can do...
Hit up the comments to help drive interest for the game. We need people to know what Vindictus has to offer and the release of Lynn is a perfect time to do it. ESPECIALLY because NA isn't being released until NEXT WEEKShow some support and welcome Lynn properly NA!

Log into your favorite gaming site and hit up their comments with your excitement for Lynn!

List of "Lynn in the News" 

XLC Gaming Network
**Awesome Photo spread**
New Character Available for Epic Action RGP Vindictus

Massively ~ Joystiq
Vindictus EU Introduces Playable Lynn
Lynn Nation

MMO Reviews
Vindictus Welcomes New Playable Character

Vindictus Gets a New Character

Vindictus Unleashes Lynn In Europe

PC-Games Deutsche
Lynn Announced as Playable Character

Vindictus Unleashes Lynn in Europe | MMO Play

Vindictus (Europe) Lynn Now Available

Vindictus EU Lynn Battle Glaives Trailer

Game Magazine
Vindictus Sexy Lynn Teaser Video

Gamer News EU
Vindictus EU Introduces Playable Lynn

New Character Available for Epic Action RGP Vindictus

[We'll be Updating as more relevant articles are posted. Check back or hit us up in the comments]


  1. I want to eat lynn whole

  2. I love you trixie!! :P

  3. Lynn is going to have one of the most advanced game plays in the whole game. A lot of combos, and an interesting weapon. She was the weakest character, UNTIL THEY BUFFED HER, now she's within the top 5 EASILY. While watching a video on a Lynn - Iset 70-80 Solo it was done within about 30mins, which is what normally takes a FULL TEAM OF 8 to do within 20-30mins. While watching during phase one, full lotus light balls were on Iset, with 1250 SP and Lynns special skill that uses all SP to add extra damage, it did 80% of ONE bar. Which is insane if you compare what other characters can do. She's like a Vella + Scythe evie but with the power of a cross gun kai.
    Quick, evasive, devastating blows. She maybe small, but she packs a punch.

    I wouldn't say she's the best character in the game, but she sure is going to be tough to be an expert in. Junyoop just makes her look easy.


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