June 18, 2014

Royal Armors: Iset and Keaghan

Iset, Princess of the Desert and Keaghan apparel will be donned by the fortunate few in Vindictus. They are coming our way in the form of Outfitters, equippable over armor.

Iset Season 2 Boss

These aren't your usual Outfitters, they are only available by chance. They come as a part of the Royal Pouch, released during the Lynn Update.  Rather than making these items directly purchasable, players will have to buy Royal Pouches until they get one.

In EU, players may trade these on the market if they can afford them vai Tir Coins.  In NA, that option is not available at this time.
Royal Pouch Drops
Iset (left) Keaghan (right)
The Iset Outfitter truly cloaks your character with the full appearance of the boss Iset..

Chance at Outfitters via NX
Royal Pouch Gachapon
Royal Pouches also offer Twinkling Armor.  Players obtaining this will be able to give their characters a see-thru look showing off their sexy Inners/Swimsuits.

Iset and Keaghan Outfitters are not guaranteed.

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