May 1, 2014

Evie: Ice Blow Tips

I thought this was kinda cool to show your Ice Blow and perhaps it might help with placement.

Ice Blow is not only fun but can hit up to 8 times.

I know a lot of Evies don't use it in their rotation for various reasons but one of those reasons is because they don't feel like they can achieve most of the hits.

For Ice Blow, it is the shards of ice that do the damage.  The range of the blow is far and its arc is wide.  Build your ice arch so that the shards are released toward the enemy (rather than on top of or inside of him)to obtain 6-8 hits.  When the shards break, your damage will be applied.  These shards can also travel far so you have some breathing room, hop back if you need to before executing. You can notice its distance and long reach if you're ever using the move during a Duel.

Important note, the shards apply damage, whether or not the boss is frozen from the action. Damage Chart Excerpt

No Damage Done here
Build your arc

Its really more like a water fall thrown at someone
Ice Shard Release path

Listen as they connect
8 Wondermous Hits!

This is based on my experience.  Most of you know, I'm not a damage junkie and I could generally care less about the numbers but I feel this skill is underused and I wanted to show the placement, path and animation.

Feel free to offer different insight.
I leave you with a cool side view screenshot. :cool:

Pretty Cool
The side view
Follow up notes: 

  • The range on Ice Blow is ridiculous, the guidance provided was to give the maximum potential for impact.
  • When the Ice breaks, shards fly both forward and backward so if you are in the middle of being attacked, your Ice Blow will hit and damage will be applied, just not the full amount.
  • You can hear the impact of the ice freezing  as well as when it breaks. 
  • Don't forget to get your Freeze Bonus.
  • Ice Blow is AWESOME in PVP.
  • A good boss to practice your Blow on is Shakarr or the Emperor in Holy Ground.
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