May 20, 2014

Dragon Nest Warrior's Dawn Official English Trailer


It actually looks pretty dern good. This exciting revelation is sure to give their game a player boost and should mean great publicity for Nexon and other Nexon Vindictus!

The movie is set to be released in 3-D and expected to hit the US in late Summer/early Fall.  I think I might watch JUST to make sure they threw in some of my favorite dance emotes in there :)

From the looks of it all classes are represented in what is slated to be a Frozen like hit.

The graphics look stunning and they seem to be a very good adaptation of the DragonNest game.

The film is being produced by the producer of Mission Impossible III, the High School Musical series and Kung Fu Hustle. With hits like those, DN has all the makings of a hit.  Read more about the release of DragonNest on DN Movie: Warrior Dawn English Trailer

I think its unusually fantastic for both Nexon and Dragons Nest...and Vindictus.
Exposure like this can only bring good things to our game by simple association.

This release also makes me understand that whole "movie" topic that Zoltar added a few weeks ago to the Vindictus forums. Vindictus would of course be more epic and geared toward the LoTR-Hobbit-Potter / epic saga type crowd, but I'm not bias at all.  :)

What do you think?

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