December 17, 2013

Vindictus Marketing - Improvement Required

Vindictus is not Beyonce

We need advertisement for this game.

Give us advertising before acting like Bey
As many of you know Beyonce popped out the box with a whole new album complete with videos overnight. The fans gobbled it up so much that iTunes and Twitter actually crashed.

That method worked for her because she is a pop icon. She has billions of fans globally waiting to see her breathe or hear her speak, gnawing their fingernails for a quick glimpse or sighting. It works for her because she built up that following, over many many years and knows how to sell her product (herself).

That does not work for Vindictus. We need advance of new things.

Build the Hurk Hype - don't leave us in the dark
What's a Hurk?

Hurk Is here..Who?

A month ago we should have had "real" teasers for Hurk. To those of you that think we get advertisement, no we do not. Having one article on one site, is not advertising, its a single story and quickly overwritten with the next one. It only reaches those that are on that particular site to read it, unless its picked up by other sources.

Become a BumbleBee, Cross Pollinate

Cross pollination couldn't hurt
Pollinate me with Buzz
There are real gaps in our current plan of action.  Updating your Twitter, when you've done nothing to promote a Twitter following, is a failure.

Updating your own Facebook page and not updating your own website with at least a link or a teaser to that update, is a failure to close the loop.

Not incorporating (your own) YouTube in the advertising plan, is a mistake. For example, the Hurk trailer should have been there within minutes of giving the interview (if not before) and as of writing this,  its still not.  Cross pollination has always worked and needs to be put into action for this game.

Use Your Time Wisely...and Mine too.

For the love of everything Vindi, please please learn to advertise in advance.  One weeks notice is not long enough for people to get hype. Its not long enough for people to give notice to take off of work, stay home from school, rearrange meetings of Mathletes and NurdsRUs.  People need time to make room in their lives for things like grind fests and level up events.

"Coming Soon" Make Use of It.

Imagine the hype
Admit 100,000,000
The only people waiting for the new character Hurk are the ones that are already here. Hurk has been talked about on the forums for over a year now. Due to Vindictus' regional management and publication, we have the advantage of knowing what is on the horizon, well before it ever gets here.  NEXON, you have 6 months...SIX MONTHS, to plan and procreate a new player base for each content release.  Right now, the player base does all the "hyping" for you via our own enthusiasm and word of mouth...

...Normally the word of mouth method would be an awesome thing but with us, your hype is limited to those who already know about you and their friends. Word of mouth in our case isn't always good because its hindered by Nexons reputation...that is hurting us way more than it is helping. Start, motivate and steer your own hype trains to formulate the picture that you want others to see. Feed the hype train with good videos, advertising and a ton of teasers to make it stay on track and healthy.

Its not like our game sucks or even needs much to make an effective advertising campaign. The graphics, movement, fashion - everything about the game is glorious. The characters in action could be great hype. ALL you would have had to do for Hurk was ring up MMOHUT, Alienware, MMOSite, PCGamer and for goodness sakes MMOReviews and tell them you had a new character coming out.  Send the trailer and watch players stream in. These sites are all getting info after the updates are launched and often times only from press releases which are generally bland. Put up a teaser on our site, heck even just a picture saying "coming soon" so people make the connection that they are in the right place when they get here.

We all check it...everyone!
You've got mail...we should!

Remember that thing called EMAIL?

Even emails to the playerbase are late. Who wants to know that their provider thinks of them as an afterthought? That doesn't encourage repeat business. Let your playerbase know VIA EMAIL what you have going on in advance so they can

  1. Make plans to return to you
  2. Talk it up with other people, extending your promotion.

In Conclusion

We need players. We need people to "know" Vindictus exists. We're on year 4, the action mmo with real life gravity and insane graphics is still unique in its genre. Its time for it to stop being a hidden gem. We'd have server overload if Nexon actually took time to develop the playerbase. Get the word out please. Its time.

And no this isn't instead of making progress on supporting the game, it is in addition to it, a completely different resource. That guy from the team that gave the last interview, put yourself out there, make friends with these people and get our game noticed!

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