December 13, 2013

Ode to Zinyden


Ziny is one of our GM's over in NA. 
I absolutely love Ziny to pieces.
Zinyden, Nexon Content Analyst

 I guess you could call me a fangirl...

Well its not solely because he has great taste in fashion.
Nor is it because he's got a great sense of humor.
Its not because his Hurk is the sexiest thing on the server (but it helps).
Its because he's awesome!

"Ziny" joined our support team at a time when we needed it the most.
He came to the forums and began answering questions and fixing things

His responses were genuine and factual...and he's FUNNY
He didn't feed us a bunch of nonsense but got right to the point.
My favorite line of his - "You mad cause you bad."

More importantly - he did what he said he was going to do.
I had a rush of bots on my channel and within minutes of posting about it on
the forums Ziny went to action. He showed up on my channel, watched the
bots run their scripts and hung out with the Inner Sanctum crew a bit.
While this might be par for the course in most games - in Vindictus (at that time) it was not.
Seeing a GM was almost as rare as having spotted a Leprechaun. 

Within the week bots were gone from the server.
This provided us with some stability to enjoy our 3rd Anniversary events.
Subsequently, illegitimate gold prices rose the highest I've ever seen them (that's a good thing)

Zinydens continued presence is a sign of support from Nexon.
The combination of he and SamoSam was a much needed and awesome change.
As long as he's there, I know there is someone behind the scenes doing it right.

 Zinyden - I salute you, thank you for being around.
~ Ode to Ziny ~

Ode to Ziny - a collage of sexy

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