Challenge: Wear ur Football Jersey and destroy the Tyrant (no helm, no pants, no boots/shoes, no gloves)

MissionDethrone the White Tyrant
Pick your reward then go out and smack the Tyrant in the name of the Goddess!

Reward #1  Hero Mode - Record and Post –$1M
Reward #2 – Hard Mode - Record and Post - $250K
Reward #3 – Hard Mode - Ending Screenshot Post – $150K


  • All Inner Sanctum Members are eligible
  • Must be completed on the solo oath
  • Only one reward per player. not per character
  • Must wear football Jersey, weapon and accessories only. (go earn ur football jersey if u haven't)
  • Players with gloves, helms, pants and shoes will be disqualified.
  • Post your video or screenshot here to receive your reward.
  • Screen shots must show the battle info in chat or the clearing screen.

Challenges ends Monday Feb 6 at 9am EST