January 26, 2012

ISG Presents: Beetle Smash

ISG Presents:

 Beetle Smash

Starring: TrixiEEEE and StrongOne
Written by: TrixiEEEE

Once upon a time
there was a Karok and an Evie, who took a trip
to see a pretty castle.
They never made it, this is their story.

The Karok thought it would be a good idea to hang out with his buddy TrixiEEEE at the park
but being a man he was directionally challenged and they ended up on the Lost Road.
Their carriage got robbed, and they had to hoove it.
They turned the corner and the next thing they knew they
were in a spooky underground tunnel thingy....the SEWERS!

In the Sewers he had to protect her as they searched for their way out.
They encountered mazes, lots of pot, and poisonous waters,
and a few secret passageways too.

Thank gawd she had her pistol, she had to use 5 of them
on the beasts that dwelled there!
Right when they thought they'd found the exit, a way out,
they were attacked by a kung foo fighter!
Who would have thought a kung foo fighter would be a rat!
I mean sure, its the sewer and sure there were a ton of them back there
but this SOB was HUGE, and quick as hell!
He was mean too. Amp'd up on some sewer x or something.

Anyway he immediately attacked TrixEEEE
(that was his way of showing her he liked her outfit! [who doesn't!?!])
TrixiEEEE died!!!
All the phoenix feathers in the land couldn't keep her alive.

We later learned that this kung foo fighter was a HERO to the sewer subjects.
He learned his HERO lessons well and was previously undefeated
but the karok, the angered and overpowered karok....he was so MAD!!!
That Stupid Rat killed his Trix, stepped on his shoes, AND ruined lunch!

He tossed his pillar upside the fighters head!!!
The Fighter [Garway] stumbled and appeared to say "WTH"!?,
he looked around, arched his back/tail and was like "OMG u lil mutha fucka!"
and thats when this happened...

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