September 28, 2011

ISG - Raidcall Instructions

Our guild uses Raidcall a premier audio chat system to assist with raids and group communications.

 Raidcall is the cutting edge solution for the gaming world. It is a great alternative to Ventrilo and Mambo with the best part being that it is free! 

You can join in on the fun and meet your guildies in semi-real world fashion while you tackle Titan or take down the Queen together.
**If you already have Raid Call, just search for our group name: Inner Sanctum

1. Go to the website:
2. Select Download
3. Install the Program
4. Choose Create New Account, fill in the info using your main IGN as your nickname (load a pic!)

Join Us
5. Sign in with your new acct info
6. Select Browse Groups from the main page (right hand menu)
7. Type ‘Inner Sanctum’ in the group names search
8. Choose Join Group, don’t select Enter
9. Confirm you want to join the group, enter your application info – just type your main IGN

An Admin will approve you as soon as you are confirmed as a member of the guild. Until then, you are welcome to join the Lounge. Members will come in and out, feel free to meet and greet them. Apps will be approved within 48 hours but are typically approved in 5 minutes. Often times, people will be in Raidcall and not necessarily in the game - that's ok.

For video instruction click here:
For additional info on Raidcall, goto the website or click here:

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