September 22, 2011

ISG: Inner Sanctum | About Us

"We’ve heard the old tales of a promise land and the songs of what’s to come. But the truth is, our goddess must be mad. She promised us paradise, we exist in hell. But we’re given a choice, a way out. Unfortunately, the way out is through...”

We’re all born with our skills of agility, strength and intelligence; elevated level by level with the Goddesses Grace and we’ve all heard the campfire tales of formors and golems. But with every new horizon a change must come - a new dawn is here, an elite group, different from the rest. Anointed with the divine blessing, the Inner Sanctum was formed.

The Inner Sanctum is comprised of amazing and dedicated individuals who relish in the acts of dishing out their disgust for Ferghus’ slippery hand and Riordians pompous attitude on the beasts that thrive within Colhen & Rochester.

The Sanctum knows that diligence is key as we work through our duties for the Goddess – we display our pride and egos with title farms, guild raids, expertise, and the daily grind. We strut our stuff with the successes of the day but no matter how high we go, the work is not done for everyone in the Sanctum knows - we never leave a guildie behind.

The inner realm is for the elite; do you have what it takes to be in the Inner Sanctum?
  • ' At least level 20
  • ' Willingness to help out a guildie
  • ' A flavorful personality

  • ' Hacking
  • ' Hustling guildies

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