June 26, 2014

Vindictus: Twitch Debut!

The Vindictus Support team streamed their first ever Twitch broadcast today.

Lynns Test Server Debut - Twitch
Lynn Meets Her Fans on Twitch

The Twitch stream was one part of a two part effort to supply the Mercenaries with some much needed and appreciated communication and a preview of Lynns gameplay.

Announced just hours before hand, the crowd reached over 650 viewers for this first ever official stream of Vindictus live from the test server. Viewers were treated to more of Zoltar, Community Manager of Vindictus NA and a first ever glimpse of Zinyden, one of our favorite Content Analyst/GM's. The two were streaming from a "green" room in Nexon America HQ.

Twitch Stream - Vindictus June 24, 2014
Zinyden (L), Zoltar (R)
Tag Team to answer questions about Lynn

Vindictus CM
Zoltar, CM
Game Master - Vindictus NA
Zinyden - GM
The pair fielded questions from the very live and rambunctious chat stream and answered the number one question among players - "When is Lynn coming?"  The answer - "Soon." was given, teasing at the one-liner made infamous by our previous beloved CM, Alteris.

The Lynn preview consisted of Zinyden creating a Lynn, going through hair selection and available inners along with body model customization options. Zinyden then set his "noob" Lynn aside and treated the viewers to some action packed gameplay, featuring a fully developed Lynn.

http://www.twitch.tv/vindictusLynn StatsZinys beefed up model showed Sohee-Lynn, decked out in the best gear, welding a +15 Skeleton Glaive with a shiny beastly glow. Sohee reached 20K attack, 64 attack speed, 96 crit and boasted over 7K health making her the ultimate threat. She picked up her glaive and skipped off to battle showing NA the way of the Falling Petal. For about 45 minutes of gameplay we watched as Ziny and Zoltar answered questions while making their way through the challenges of Lakoria, Keaghan and Succubus Hero.

Despite a few technical difficulties the first Twitch broadcast was a success, leaving the viewers with more information than they had going in and a refreshed energy for the Lynn hype train!  At the end of the stream, 3 viewers were surprised with freebies, a Fusion Rune for each.

We can look forward to more Twitch Streams in the future.
Don't miss out!. Join Vindictus for their next Stream. on their official Twitch Channel.  http://www.twitch.tv/vindictus/

Congratulations to:
Kaitoo69, Prophetsama, Kurokuroi
Winners of the First Twitch Giveaway

Lynn is now live on the Nexon NA server - Go Play Today

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