March 3, 2012

Inner Sanctum Presents: Betrayal Olympic Training

Betrayal - Controlled Black Hammer
Some of you know how fun it is to play in Vindi late at night when physics just ain't right. You can go flying, the boss can be in slowmo-mode and your skills well sometimes they just aren't there.

This video was taken during and after our nightly Betrayal duo. No animals were harmed during the making of this video though we did lose a Controlled Black Hammer.

Featuring:  Kanzo - the Clash King and the Green Goddess, TrixiEEEE

Mission (we chose to accept it): Enter the lair of the Controlled Black Hammer, take him out and have a good time doing it. 
There is no hacking or modding, the run was bugged like others were that night. Everything was slowed down so much of this is in real time. Enjoy and LIKE it if u do!

Olympic feats include:
  • Ring around the Evie 
  • Moon Hopping 
  • Cliff Hanging 
  • Flying Amber 
  • Skywire Floating 
  • Freeze the Beast 
  • Boss Crunchies 
  • Air Surfing 
  • Boss Toss

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