October 6, 2011

ISG: Recruiting Frenzy

We're off to a great start with our new guild but in order to make the vision a reality we need to spread the word and grow our guild. Introducing the:

Recruiting Frenzy

From 9/21/11 - 9/30/11 get out there and recruit! Recruit your friends, party members, guildless lurkers and anyone else who may be in need of a good time.

Reward: Whoever has the most recruits at the end the day on 9/30 will receive 1M in cold hard (in game) gold.


1. Recruits MUST be registered in game
2. Your recruit must be registered on this website
3. You must be registered on this website (http:/innersanctumguild.tk / innersanctumguild.enjin.com)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Will you really be giving us $1M in gold?
A: Yes absolutely

Q: Can I recruit my friend?
A: Sure

Q: My friend is in another guild, can I recruit them?
A: My preference is no, but if your friend is not satisfied with their guild, they can make the decision to give ours a try.

Q: You can’t trade gold right now in the game - how will u deliver this money to the winner?
A: Hopefully the suspension will be lifted by next week. If not, a trade will be posted on the MP for a $1M item.

Q: What are the requirements for a new guild member?
A: Right now we are in open recruitment. Anyone can apply and be accepted. All members are subject to the guidelines for this guild.
This contest has ended as of October 2011.

He received his million gold yesterday!

Look forward to the next event...coming soon.

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